What Does Psychic Terrain Do – Full Guide

Psychic Terrain is a novel field impact in the realm of Pokémon battles, offering upper hands and altering the elements of battles. It’s a terrain move related with Psychic-type Pokémon, influencing the war zone in critical ways.

What Does Psychic Terrain Do?

The Effects of Psychic Terrain in Pokémon Battles

At the point when Psychic Terrain is dynamic:

Forestalls Need Assaults: Moves with increased need, like Fast Assault or Outrageous Speed, are invalidated, giving all Pokémon on the ground an equivalent footing as far as assault speed.

Strengthens Psychic-Type Moves: Psychic-type moves get a half power support when used by grounded Pokémon, enhancing their viability.

Safeguards Against Status Conditions: Grounded Pokémon are shielded from rest status conditions while Psychic Terrain is dynamic.

How to Use Psychic Terrain for Your Advantage

Vital Positioning: Use Psychic Terrain to invalidate adversaries’ need moves, allowing for additional anticipated and key plays.

Upgraded Psychic Moves: Incorporate Psychic-type moves into your group’s system to exploit the power help allowed by Psychic Terrain.

Status Assurance: Use Psychic Terrain decisively to shield your grounded Pokémon from rest inducing moves.

Countering Psychic Terrain

Terrain Control: A few maneuvers or capacities can change the terrain, replacing Psychic Terrain with another kind of terrain.

Need Moves Pre-Initiation: Using need moves before Psychic Terrain is laid out can sidestep its invalidation effects.

Notable Pokémon with Access to Psychic Terrain

A few Psychic-type Pokémon approach Psychic Terrain through either their capacity or move pool, like Tapu Lele, whose capacity, Psychic Flood, automatically makes Psychic Terrain when it enters the front line.

Real-Life Connections and Origins of Psychic Terrain

Psychic Terrain in Pokémon battles draws inspiration from the idea of psychic energy influencing the climate. This mirrors convictions in a few real-world societies about the force of the mind altering actual surroundings or energies.

What Does Psychic Terrain Do?


Psychic Terrain is a field-altering impact in Pokémon battles that reshapes system and strategies. Understanding its effects and leveraging its advantages, for example, neutralizing need moves and empowering Psychic-type assaults, can fundamentally influence fight results. Cautious planning, group arrangement, and an understanding of terrain elements add to mastering the essential capability of Psychic Terrain in Pokémon battles.

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