Find Out How to Get a Super Rocket Radar for October 2023 In Pokemon Go

The Super Rocket Radar is a valuable tool in Pokémon Go that helps you locate and battle against Team GO Rocket’s leaders, including Giovanni. Battling these leaders can lead to rare Pokémon encounters and significant rewards. In this aide, we’ll explain how to obtain a Super Rocket Radar in October 2023, its importance, and share strategies to get it faster.

How to Get a Super Rocket Radar for October 2023 In Pokemon Go

Steps to Obtain a Super Rocket Radar

To obtain a Super Rocket Radar, follow these steps:

A. Complete Field Research Tasks:

Visit PokéStops and turn them regularly to collect Field Research tasks. These tasks may occasionally reward you with a Super Rocket Radar or things that assist you with advancing toward one.

Complete the assigned Field Research tasks, and you may receive the Super Rocket Radar as a reward. Watch out for occasion specific tasks as they often give special rewards.

B. Defeat Team Rocket Leaders:

Regularly check the in-game map for Team GO Rocket Snorts. They appear at PokéStops with discolored backgrounds.

Battle and defeat these Snorts to collect Secretive Components, which are expected to assemble a Super Rocket Radar.

Gather an adequate number of Secretive Components (usually six) to assemble a Super Rocket Radar.

C. Defeat Giovanni:

Once you’ve assembled a Super Rocket Radar, you can utilize it to locate Giovanni, the leader of Team GO Rocket.

Track Giovanni to his hideaway, which is usually indicated by a floating Team GO Rocket Balloon on the map.

Challenge Giovanni to a battle and defeat him. On the off chance that you’re successful, you’ll earn the valuable chance to catch a Shadow Legendary or Mythical Pokémon.

Tips and Tricks for Obtaining a Super Rocket Radar Faster

Here are a few tips to assist you with obtaining a Super Rocket Radar all the more efficiently:

Team Rocket Snort Battles: Focus in defeating Team Rocket Snorts regularly. They are the primary source of Secretive Components expected to build a Super Rocket Radar.

Special Research Tasks: Watch out for special research tasks given by Professor Willow, as they often lead to Super Rocket Radars as rewards.

Occasion Participation: Participate in Pokémon Go occasions and special occasions facilitated by Niantic. These occasions often feature tasks and rewards related to Super Rocket Radars.

In-Game Shop: Occasionally, Super Rocket Radars may be available for purchase in the in-game shop. Check the shop periodically to check whether it’s offered for coins or other in-game currency.

The Benefits of Having a Super Rocket Radar

Obtaining and utilizing a Super Rocket Radar offers several benefits:

Shadow Legendary/Mythical Pokémon: It furnishes you with the potential chance to battle and catch Shadow Legendary or Mythical Pokémon while challenging Giovanni.

Puzzling Components: Battling Team Rocket Snorts and leaders to assemble a Super Rocket Radar can yield things, stardust, and Shadow Pokémon encounters.

Special Research Progress: It can assist you with advancing through special research tasks that require defeating Giovanni.

Occasion Participation: It could be essential for participation in specific in-game occasions and challenges related to Team GO Rocket activities.

How to Get a Super Rocket Radar for October 2023 In Pokemon Go


In October 2023, obtaining a Super Rocket Radar in Pokémon Go is a rewarding pursuit, offering the chance to encounter rare and strong Shadow Pokémon. By consistently battling Team Rocket Snorts, collecting Puzzling Components, and tracking down Giovanni, you can guarantee you have this valuable tool at your disposal. Partake in the adventure of battling Team GO Rocket and capturing their subtle Shadow Pokémon with the Super Rocket Radar.

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