How to Rescue A Captured Tribesman in Soulmask

In Soulmask, rescuing captured tribesmen is a crucial task that can significantly impact your excursion. This guide gives detailed strides on how to find and rescue these detained individuals, ensuring their safety and boosting your in-game advancement.

How to Rescue A Captured Tribesman in Soulmask

Locating the Captured Tribesman

Journey Start: The rescue mission frequently begins with a NPC giving you a hint about a tribesman’s capture. Pay attention to dialogs and search for mission markers on your map.

Excursion to the Foes’ Camp: The tribesman is usually held in a foe camp or a fortified location. Utilize your map to find the marked area, frequently profound within unfriendly territory.

Scouting the Area: Approach the camp cautiously. Use stealth to scout the area and distinguish foe positions. Mark or retain patrol courses to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

Preparing for the Rescue

Gear and Weapons: Prepare weapons and gear appropriate for stealth and combat. A balanced loadout with quiet ranged weapons (like bows) and skirmish weapons will be compelling.

Consumables: Stock up on healing things, throwing blades, and distraction tools like commotion makers or smoke bombs. These will assist you with navigating the camp and handle foes quietly.

Allies: Assuming the game allows, bring allies or call companions to assist you. Their assist with canning be invaluable in distracting adversaries and covering you during the rescue.

The Rescue Operation

Passage Point: Distinguish the best section point to the camp. Search for weak spots in the safeguards like low walls, unguarded gates, or secret paths.

Neutralizing Guards: Use stealth to take out guards quietly. Aim for headshots with a bow or use stealth takedowns. Conceal the bodies to avoid alerting other adversaries.

Reaching the Tribesman: Navigate through the camp towards the holding area. This is usually a cage or a guarded building. Use distractions to move past heavily guarded areas.

Freeing the Tribesman: When you reach the tribesman, interact with the cage or restraints to free them. Be prepared for a potential ambush or reinforcement arriving once the alarm is raised.

Escape Plan: Have an escape course planned. Lead the tribesman out of the camp using the safest and speediest path. Use distractions, smoke bombs, or engage foes if necessary to clear the way.

After the Rescue

Safe Return: Escort the tribesman back to the mission provider or a safe location. Avoid foe patrols and guarantee the tribesman’s safety during the bring venture back.

Journey Consummation: Speak to the mission provider or interact with the tribesman at the safe location to finish the mission. Gather your rewards and any additional information or missions that could follow.

Additional Tips

Patience and Observation: Take your chance to notice adversary patterns and camp layout. Rushing in can lead to failure and the tribesman’s death.

Utilize the Climate: Use the climate to your advantage. Conceal in tall grass, use shadows to stay concealed, and take strategic position for better perceivability.

Upgrade Abilities: Invest in abilities and abilities that enhance your stealth, combat productivity, and survival. These upgrades can make a significant contrast in rescue missions.

How to Rescue A Captured Tribesman in Soulmask


Rescuing a captured tribesman in Soulmask is a challenging yet rewarding task. Via carefully planning your approach, using stealth and combat tactics, and ensuring a safe return, you can effectively finish this mission and strengthen your situation in the game. Best of luck, legend!

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