Who Should Update Date of Exit in EPF

Indeed refreshing your date of exit in the Update Date of Exit in EPF without asking your manager to do it is conceivable. Once in a while your boss probably won’t make it happen or could require some investment to update to date of exit in the UAN entrance. In such case you can follow the means beneath to update your date of exit.

On the off chance that your boss isn’t Remove Windows Failed Updates then you don’t have to stress now. Since now EPF individuals can update their own date of exit in the UAN entryway without the assistance of business. EPF individuals can update their date of exit solely after 2 months of their last EPF commitment i.e you are qualified to update your PF DOE solely after 2 months in the wake of leaving your work.

Now and again boss doesn’t update the Date of leaving/Date of Exit of the part. In such cases, Representative/Part can’t pull out Update Date of Exit in EPF or record move guarantee or final settlement guarantee. To conquer this issue an arrangement has been given in the part login with the goal that the part himself can update his date of Exit or Date of leaving. Part can update his/her date of Exit/Date of leaving solely after two months of his/her last commitment got from the Business/foundation.

How Can Employees Update the Date of Exit on EPF Portal?

Allowing the representative to update the exit date has carried help to every one of the workers bought in for the Update Date of Exit in EPF. Here is the method you should follow to update the date of exit online through the Part e-Sewa gateway.

  • Stage 1: Sign in to the Part e-Sewa gateway by entering your UAN, secret word, and manual human test code. You need to enact your UAN on the entry prior to performing the further advances.
  • Stage 2: Go to the ‘Make due’ tab and select the ‘Imprint Exit’ choice, as shown in the picture underneath:
  • Stage 3: The following window shows up. Select the business from the dropdown menu to update the date of exit. You should realize that you can update the date of exit following two months from the date of the business’ last commitment. Likewise, you can enter a date of the month where the last commitment was made while entering the date of exit. This can be cross-checked from the EPF passbook.
  • Stage 4: When you enter the exit date, do enter the justification for the exit too.
  • Stage 5: Snap on the ‘Solicitation OTP’ button. An OTP will be shipped off your enrolled, Aadhaar-linked portable number.
  • Stage 6: Enter the OTP got in the assigned space.
  • Stage 7: Presently, click on the ‘Update’ button and snap ‘alright.’

Update Date of Exit in EPF

Presto! Your date of exit from the chose manager will be updated in the Update Date of Exit in EPF.

What is Processing your request. Please Wait Error While Updating DOE

EPFO as of late introduced this choice to update the date of exit by worker in the UAN part gateway. Processing your solicitation kindly stand by is a specialized mistake in the UAN entryway. So on the off chance that you are getting this blunder, attempt after some time, then you can ready to update your DOE.

At the point when an EPF part needs to Update Date of Exit in EPF in the UAN entrance before Two months of leaving the work then they will get this blunder. According to EPFO rules representatives can pull out their PF sum solely after Two months from their last working date.

In the event that you haven’t finished Two months then you will get the mistake “Date of Exit Must be Updated Following 2 Months of the Last Commitment Made by The Business”

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