How To Update Date of Exit in EPF Online

On the off chance that your boss isn’t updating your Update Date of Exit in EPF Online then you don’t have to stress now. Since now EPF individuals can update their own date of exit in the UAN entryway without the assistance of manager. EPF individuals can update their date of exit solely after 2 months of their last EPF commitment i.e you are qualified to update your PF DOE solely after 2 months in the wake of leaving your work.

From now onwards worker can update his Update Windows 10 to Latest Version Manually site without the assistance of a business following 2 months of leaving the work. Prior to proceeding further, first, you need to comprehend the agreements to enter the date of exit in UAN.

The date entered isn’t EDITABLE and on the off chance that you have entered an off-base date tremendously then it very well may be remedied simply by the concerned recorded officer of EPFO based on a composed solicitation of the business to the office. The Update Date of Exit in EPF Online, however, can not be altered after the settlement has been taken.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that the date of exit entered by you will be shown to the business and in the event that you are still in work then at the hour of filing of the settlements for a period after the date of exit will be shown to the business.

How to update EPF Date of Exit Online without business?

Presently let us comprehend the course of update EPF date of exit online without business.

  • Login to your UAN part gateway. Then go to the menu “Make due” and from the dropdown select the “Imprint Exit”.

  • When you select the “Imprint Exit”, then, at that point, another window will open. Here, you need to choose your business (your last EPF Record No.).
  • You need to enter the date of exit in two spots. You compelling reason need to enter the specific date of exit. You can enter the date within 15 days after the date of leaving of work.

Actually look at the last commitment month in the online passbook and distinguish the most recent Fortunate Asset commitment month. Accordingly, you need to enter the Update Date of Exit in EPF Online.

Assume your commitment to EPF Passbook is showing up to the long stretch of December 2020, then, at that point, you need to enter the last date of that specific month for example 31st December 2020 ought to be your exit date.

Then, at that point, you need to really take a look at the container “I have perused the beneath points cautiously”. Then, at that point, continue for the passage of date of exit.

Update Date of Exit in EPF Online

Here is a bit by bit process on updating the date of exit in UAN without business:

Do recall that you need to specify the justification behind the Update Date of Exit in EPF Online too. The reasons recorded are as underneath.

  • Retirement-When the worker takes deliberate retirement
  • Superannuation-Subsequent to completing 58 years old
  • Super durable Disablement-When long-lasting disablement happens to EPF part
  • Cession (Shy of Administration)- When you leave your work.

When you enter the exit date, gave the reasons and check the case where it will show you the agreements, then, at that point, click on the tab “Update date of exit”.


According to EPFO, in the event that your date of exit isn’t updated, you can not pull out cash from your EPF account nor move the record from the past organization to the enhanced one. However, with the date of Exit update office in your grasp, presently the entirety of your concerns will be handily tackled.

Workers Opportune Asset Association (EPFO) has brought a significant help for its EPF endorsers wherein the record holders are currently ready to update the Update Date of Exit in EPF Online on changing the actual work. Prior the organization reserved the privilege to update the information and this made the record holders be reliant upon the previous for updating the PF account.

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