What is The Latest Update on Minecraft Bedrock

Released for Bedrock Edition on October 4, 2022, Latest Update on Minecraft Bedrock has made plenty of changes to the game. It brings a quick round of bug fixes while also bringing new touch controls to mobile platforms. Minecraft version 1.19.31 is another subsequent update to The Wild Update. It isn’t as large or as substantial as previous updates after version 1.19, but the changes to mobile platforms may please more than a few fans.

Since its release in 2011, Minecraft has seen constant updates for performance and content, giving users the ability to choose different game modes as well as introducing a wide variety of new animals, resources, and monsters. With the latest update of 1.19.20, there may be some changes that players will want to familiarize themselves with in order to run their game smoothly.

The Latest Update on Minecraft Bedrock is fairly straightforward, focusing on the technical aspects of the game rather than implementing any new resources or creatures. The Switch version now has the “Create New World” screen, mobs have seen quite a few fixes as well, while updates to playability have been added with an easier-to-distinguish ON/OFF toggle system for the menu.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition has received a new update along with accompanying patch notes today with the 1.19.20 update for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, and the Xbox. The latest addition brings new changes, quality of life improvements, and fixes with the Update Statistics Cause Blocking, including additional stability fixes in the patch notes.

What you need to know

  • Mojang Studios is breaking the Minecraft hiatus with two simultaenous updates rolling out to players today.
  • Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.19.22 and Minecraft Preview both include a handful of minor changes.
  • The former hotfix is now available to all players across platforms, while the Preview build is available to interested testers.

It has been over a week since the last Minecraft update, but Mojang Studios is making up for the slightly-extended absence with the simultaneous release of two builds. Latest Update on Minecraft Bedrock players secure a new hotfix with a few fixes in tow, while Minecraft Preview testers also enjoy a couple of fixes while Mojang Studios works on more major changes in the background.

Despite the recent backlash Mojang has received involving the new reporting system, Minecraft continues to be an excellent outlet for a player’s creativity. The hope is that less toxicity will come along with the updated report system, allowing Minecraft to remain a tranquil way to build and promote imagination.

The Minecraft 1.19.31 update is small, but its fixes are significant

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition’s 1.19.31 update may be considered more of a hotfix than a sizable content update. However, hotfixes are incredibly important to the long-term life of a game. They ensure that things run smoothly and the gameplay experience isn’t hampered by bugs and crashes.

Improved performance is nothing to complain about at all, especially since Minecraft runs on such a diverse range of different hardware.

General Changes

On October 5, 2022, the Xbox version of the game will begin receiving an update that improves overall performance on the platform. Be certain not to uninstall the game before this update is applied, or your data may be lost for good. The fixes will be implemented in phases and will take a sizable amount of device storage. It may be a good idea to free up some extra storage space in anticipation of these coming performance updates.

New touch controls will be implemented on Latest Update on Minecraft Bedrock. These can be accessed by going to Settings > Controls > Touch, where the new controls can be toggled on and off. A dropdown menu should appear, allowing gamers to choose between the Touch scheme, the Crosshair scheme, or the Classic scheme.Latest Update on Minecraft Bedrock

Bug Fixes

Various crashes that occur during gameplay have been fixed. The black pixel error (MCPE-162421) for Pocket Edition has been fixed. Terrain should no longer be covered with strange black pixels when viewing maps. When using the Full Keyboard Gameplay function, the Inventory key will no longer be accidentally unbound. After entering an End portal on Realms for the first time, some players reported their characters falling underneath the End’s obsidian platform into the Void. This has been fixed and players should now be able to enter the dimension regularly on Realms.

While this is a small Minecraft update, the fixes outlined above are quite substantial. The Xbox performance improvements are a welcome addition, and the new control scheme for Latest Update on Minecraft Bedrock users is also an intriguing new feature. The prevention of crashes and unusual graphical glitches is also worth appreciating.

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