How To Reset Azure Linux VM Password

The plate on your Linux VM is showing mistakes. You somehow reset the root password for your Reset Azure Linux VM Password or incidentally erased your SSH private key. In the event that that occurred back in the times of the datacenter, you would have to get there and afterward open the KVM to get at the server console.

Consider the Azure VMAccess expansion that KVM switch that permits you to get to the control center to reset admittance to Linux or perform circle level upkeep.

On the off chance that you can’t interface with a Factory Reset Raspberry Pi From Terminal in view of a failed to remember password, an erroneous Secure Shell (SSH) key, or an issue with the SSH design, utilize the Azure entrance or the VM Access For Linux expansion to reset the password or SSH key or fix the SSH setup. Note that this article applies to the virtual machines made utilizing the Classic arrangement model.

This article shows you how to utilize the Azure Linux VM Password Extension to check or fix a circle, reset client access, oversee regulatory client records, or update the SSH setup on Linux when they are running as Azure Resource Manager virtual machines. Assuming you want to oversee Classic virtual machines – you can adhere to the directions tracked down in the exemplary VM documentation.

How to reset password in Azure virtual machine

We should examine how could we at any point reset the password of the virtual machine in Azure entry.

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You can follow the underneath steps to reset password for virtual machine

How do I reset my Azure VM password?


Login to


Look for Virtual machines there.


You will see the rundown of VM made in your Azure membership. It will show the VM name, Type, Status, Resource Group, Location, and so forth.

Reset Azure Linux VM Password


Presently click on the Reset Azure Linux VM Password name. “MyNewVM” for my situation. You can ready to see the subtleties of your virtual machine like Public IP address, status, Computer name, Operating framework, Size, and so forth.


From the left side menu select Reset password choice under help + investigating.

Reset Azure Linux VM Password


On the off chance that you will find in the underneath screen the Reset password choice is crippled and it is saying “The virtual machine should be running prior to utilizing VMAccess”

This is on the grounds that might be my VM status is Stopped (deallocated) or not running. We should actually look at that.

You can see beneath the VM status is Stopped (deallocated). Presently click on the beginning button then after the VM status will Run.


Presently assuming you will tap on the Reset password choice in the future. You can ready to see the Reset Azure Linux VM Password choice is empowered.

Enter the username,Password and affirm password and afterward click on the Update button.

Reset Azure Linux VM Password

This is how you can reset your VM password from the Azure gateway.

Azure VM Password Reset Not Working

If you are facing any issues while resting the Azure Virtual Machine password or you are not able to reset the password for your Azure Virtual machine or once reset your password, you are not able to connect to your Virtual machine, then a few points you need to make sure as mentioned below.

  • Verify that the Network Security Group (NSG) associated with your Azure Virtual Machine for port 3389. If not, then you can add the same by log in to the Azure Portal –> Select the Virtual Machine –> Click on the Networking link. Add a new inbound rule.
  • Click on the Boot diagnostics link from the left navigation to verify if the VM is booted properly.

The following examples use az vm user commands. To perform these steps, you need the latest Reset Azure Linux VM Password installed and logged in to an Azure account using az login.

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