How to Reset Cstimer

Generally speaking I love CSTimer, you can customize it to look however you need and it has bunches of convenient tools. My individual a most loved component of How to Reset Cstimer is the console easy routes. I love console alternate ways for all that I do and having the option to switch occasions or add punishments speedier is perfect. CSTimer has a somewhat bigger expectation to learn and adapt, however when you become acclimated to it I really do trust it’s the best in general clock.

CSTimer additionally upholds Network Settings in Android, so you can utilize it on your telephone and it really functions admirably. I referenced that the stackmat highlight didn’t work in Chrome, and this is because of CSTimer not being https, however the engineer has said to utilize a stackmat with Chrome.

We have had a go at getting to the restarting Cstimer site utilizing our servers and we couldn’t interface with the site. On the off chance that is likewise down for you, there is possible an issue with their servers. In the event that you think this is a blunder you might continue to the investigating segment to attempt to analyze and determine the issue.

Investigating Instructions

Having issue associating with How to Reset Cstimer despite the fact that the site seems, by all accounts, to be on the web and not down? Take a stab at utilizing a portion of our investigating tips to determine the issue.

  • Have a go at clearing your Internet treats and program store. Continue to revive your program by stirring things up around town + F5 keys at the same time.
  • Have a go at clearing your PCs DNS reserve so your PC gets the latest store from your ISP.
  • Have a go at resetting your modem and restart your PC.
  • At long last take a stab at getting to the site utilizing a web-based intermediary administration till your ISP settle the issue.


  • Truly customizable point of interaction
  • Loads of tools for settling and details
  • Attract scramble to check whether you mixed accurately
  • Console easy routes for punishments and exchanging occasions
  • Limitless meetings and you can name them
  • You can interface a stackmat (Though I think there is something about this not working in Chrome)
  • Effectively refreshed with the Speedsolving cstimer string
  • Multi stage parts. You can utilize this to time your parts for individual strides of your addressing. Furthermore, you can set this to as numerous as you need.


  • Now and again lets out dumb scrambles like 3 movers for 2×2 in any event, when set to WCA mode.
  • At times a little buggy by and large

How would I reset time on csTimer?

How to Reset Cstimer

List times board – In the rundown times board, you can open meeting chief by clicking “Meeting”. Select/add/erase meetings, void meeting by the selector and the button close. At that point, you can see the ongoing single/normal, best single/normal, and the full time list.

Click the meeting transformer button, and make another How to Reset Cstimer. Click the button close to it marked “Meeting”, then on the extreme right, click the three specks and rename. It to anything you desire, and simply utilize 2×2 scrambles.

Click the list before time, You might erase the time at a similar column. Or on the other hand click the ‘X’ button to eliminate all times in the ongoing meeting.

My greatest issue with CSTimer was that you were unable to change the meeting names. Or on the other hand so I believed I’m a nitwit. Until you can tap on “Meeting” to change the meeting name.

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