How To Fix Roland FD-8

I will purchase a redesign set I have a Fix Roland FD-8 and will purchase a 12 and utilizing existing gear to reinforce the 12. On the off chance that I had a pedal disappointment, I would supplant it with this model. The cushion answers open and close sounds constrained by the pedal so I can get the fast close impact out of the cushion.

However, the large issue is that I can’t hear the chick sound. Assuming I truly dive in I am getting an extremely weak twofold chick sound. However, that isn’t reasonable for playing. Any thoughts assuming there is some equipment issue that I can Fix Roland FD-8. Or on the other hand do they simply break down at times and I really want to purchase another one.

A Hi Hat Controller Repaired. Model: Roland FD-8

Part of the gang at my Church moved toward me with a Fix AADSTS50011 regulator that was not functioning admirably. A foot regulator is joined to an electrical drum set and regulators the Hi sound.

I never dealt with such regulator.

I investigated the issue on the net and tracked down a ton of data about this set.

On the lower side of it, there are around six screws. Once these are out, I could observe something many refer to as the sensor. It is a like a switch on and off to regulator the Fix Roland FD-8 on the drum.

Fix Roland FD-8

As may be obvious, it is extremely grimy so I did some cleaning on it however later on I figured out that the sensor is covered with a plastic cover so the sensor was not impacted by the cleaning.

Assuming you follow back to the flex link you will see two wires inside that flex link. That is associated with the sound fitting on the oar. Later on I will clarify how for test this sensor.

The flex link is associated with the attachment found on this sound jack of the outer side of the machine.

Fix Roland FD-8

I discovered some virus binding on the rear of the sound attachment and I re weld that part and it seems like it has a little effect on that regulator.

The principal issue of this regulator, it was not cutting the sound on and off without any problem. To control it, the drummer needs to press so hard with his foot on the oar to remove the music. It Fix Roland FD-8 was either an issue with the sensor or the real elastic piece that pushes down on the sensor.

You can test the sensor by putting the meter tests on the finish of the flex link closures and afterward press the sensor with our finger and check whether it signals or not. For my situation, it blared well.


Sound is practical, aside from scarcely perceptible when you simply press the pedal. I thought it was my arrangement, however appears as though it’s a defect in the Roland mind. Incapable to expand volume of shutting hello cap.


no highlights

Ease of Use

Has great feel. Just grievance is the absence of volume on pedal alone. Issue would need to be in the cerebrum, not the pedal.


I’ve had it some time. It takes a great deal of discipline, however works all around great.


Fair cost for a decent pedal

Manufacturer Support

no help mentioned

The Wow Factor

I love my Roland hardware. Just blemish is the hello cap down sound…

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lifetime specialist

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oldie rock

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