How to Fix Reddit is Fun Forbidden Error

Reddit is Fun (RIF) is a famous outsider Android application that permits clients to peruse Reddit, the first page of the web, in a helpful and easy to understand way. It’s inclined toward by a lot of people for its straightforward plan and usability. Notwithstanding, similar to any application, it might experience issues, and one normal issue that clients face is the “Forbidden Error.”

How to Fix Reddit is Fun Forbidden Error

Understanding the Forbidden Error

The Forbidden Error is a HTTP status code (403 Forbidden) that demonstrates the server grasps the client’s solicitation, however it won’t satisfy it. With regards to the Reddit is Fun application, this error normally happens when clients endeavor to get to certain subreddits or perform explicit activities inside the application.

Possible Causes of the Forbidden Error

Account Limitations: Assuming you are signed in, your Reddit record might have impediments or limitations that keep you from getting to specific substance or performing specific activities.

Subreddit Limitations: Some subreddits might be set to private, have age limitations, or essentially refuse access through outsider apps.

Obsolete Application Form: Utilizing an obsolete rendition of the Reddit is Fun application might prompt similarity issues with Reddit’s servers, bringing about the Forbidden Error.

Step by Step Guide to Fixing the Forbidden Error

Check Your Reddit Record: Sign in to Reddit through an internet browser and guarantee your record is on favorable terms. Ensure there are no brief suspensions or limitations for you.

Update the Application: Assuming you’re utilizing a more seasoned variant of the Reddit is Fun application, visit the Google Play Store and update it to the most recent adaptation.

Clear Application Information: Go to your gadget’s settings, find the Reddit is Fun application, and clear its store and information. This can at times determine issues connected with stored information.

Reauthenticate: Open the application, log out of your Reddit record, and afterward log back in. This can assist with invigorating your authentication token.

Actually take a look at Subreddit Limitations: In the event that you experience the Forbidden Error on unambiguous subreddits, visit those subreddits on the web to guarantee they are open. On the off chance that they aren’t, it’s logical a subreddit-explicit issue.

Tips for Avoiding the Forbidden Error Later on

Utilize the Official Reddit Application: While Reddit is Fun is a fabulous application, consider utilizing the official Reddit application in the event that you regularly experience Forbidden Errors. It might have better similarity with Reddit’s servers.

Remain Informed: Watch out for Reddit’s official declarations and updates to remain informed about any progressions that could influence outsider apps.

Alternative Reddit Apps to Consider

Assuming that you keep on encountering issues with Reddit is Fun or are searching for alternatives, consider these alternative Reddit apps for Android:

Official Reddit Application: The official Reddit application offers a consistent and very much upheld Reddit experience.

Help for Reddit: Lift is an exceptionally customizable and include rich Reddit application that is known for its speed and dependability.

How to Fix Reddit is Fun Forbidden Error


While the Reddit is Fun application is a famous decision among Reddit clients, it can some of the time experience the Forbidden Error. By following the steps illustrated above and considering alternative Reddit apps, you can attempt to determine this issue and keep partaking in Reddit’s immense and various substance. Make sure to keep awake to date with Reddit’s strategies and declarations to guarantee a smooth perusing experience.

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