How to Fix Discord Soundboard Not Showing Up on Server

A Discord soundboard is an important tool for upgrading your server’s sound insight, permitting you to play sounds, music, and impacts during conversations and interactions with other individuals. However, it tends to be baffling when the soundboard neglects to show up or function true to form on your server. In this aide, we will address the common reasons why a Discord soundboard may not show up on your server and give troubleshooting steps to determine the issue. By following these steps, you can guarantee that your Discord soundboard works without a hitch, adding tomfoolery and innovativeness to your server’s climate.

How to Fix Discord Soundboard Not Showing Up on Server

Common Reasons for the Soundboard Not Showing Up on the Server

Before we dig into troubleshooting, we should investigate a few common reasons why your Discord soundboard may not be apparent or functional on your server:

Obsolete Software: Discord and soundboard software might expect updates to stay viable with one another and function accurately.

Permissions: Mistaken or lacking permissions can keep the soundboard from being available or usable on the server.

Integration Issues: Some soundboard bots or applications might encounter integration issues with Discord, making them malfunction.

Conflicting Software: Other Discord-related or framework software conflicts might disrupt the operation of the soundboard.

Troubleshooting Steps for Fixing the Issue

To determine the issue of the Discord soundboard not showing up on your server, follow these troubleshooting steps:

1. Update Discord and Soundboard Software:

Guarantee that both Discord and your picked soundboard software are up to date. Obsolete software can prompt similarity issues. Check for and introduce any suitable updates.

2. Change Sound Settings:

Check that your sound settings are accurately configured in Discord. Open Discord settings and explore to the “Voice and Video” section. Actually look at your feedback and result gadget settings to guarantee they are set to the right sound sources.

3. Reinstall the Soundboard:

On the off chance that the soundboard is as yet not showing up, consider uninstalling and then reinstalling it. This can assist with fixing any corrupted installation records or settings that might be causing the issue.

4. Actually look at Bot Permissions:

On the off chance that you are utilizing a soundboard bot, survey its permissions on your server. Guarantee that the bot has the fundamental permissions to cooperate with voice channels and send messages.

5. Confirm Server Settings:

Twofold really look at your server settings to confirm that soundboard highlights are not incapacitated or limited. Check assuming that any server-explicit settings might be influencing the soundboard’s perceivability or functionality.

How to Fix Discord Soundboard Not Showing Up on Server


A Discord soundboard can be a fabulous addition to your server, giving diversion and commitment to your local area. However, when it neglects to show up or function true to form, it very well may disappoint. By following the troubleshooting steps framed in this aide, you can resolve common issues and guarantee that your Discord soundboard works consistently on your server. With a well-functioning soundboard, you can upgrade the sound insight for your server individuals and make paramount snapshots of tomfoolery and interaction.

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