How To Check PHP Version in XAMPP Linux

How would I find out Check PHP Version in XAMPP Linux operating frameworks? What order do I have to type to show the PHP version under Unix-like frameworks? How to find out what PHP version is installed on my server when I can now login using the ssh order and check the PHP version?

PHP is a server-side programming language frequently utilized with Apache or Nginx or Lighttpd server. Famous applications like WordPress, MediaWiki, and different requirements PHP. Allow us to see, how to check and print PHP version installed on your Check PHP Version in XAMPP Linux or Unix server.

Hosting suppliers are customarily delayed to embrace new PHP versions on their servers. The result of this is that a wide range of PHP versions exist on the web simultaneously.

On the off chance that you are implementing new highlights, installing another PHP-based application, or trying to find a bug on your site, it means a lot to know which Check if MYSQL is Installed on Windows your web server is running. In this tutorial, you will figure out how to check your PHP version by running PHP code on your server or using the order line.

Checking PHP version installed on your Linux and Unix server

To find out php version installed on the server type any of the following orders on your server.

  • Open the terminal brief and afterward type the following orders.
  • Login to the distant server using the ssh order. For instance: ssh user@linux-unix-server-ip
  • To check PHP version, run: php – – version OR php-cgi – – version
  • To print PHP 7 version, type: php7 – – version OR php7-cgi – – version
  • Find most recent PHP 8 version, type: php8 – – version OR php8-cgi – – version
  • PHP version check should be possible using Check PHP Version in XAMPP Linux like Docker or LXD, attempt: lxc executive app1 – -/usr/bin/php – v
  • Might it be said that you are using php-fpm? Get php version using the php-fmp – v or php-fpm73 – v order.

Allow us to see all orders and models in subtleties to check php version.

Getting PHP information from the CLI

  • Pass the – I to your php binary. For instance:
  • php – I
  • php – I | more
    # check whether PHP pdo module stacked or not #
  • php – I | grep] pdo

Check PHP Version Using the Order Line (Windows, Linux and macOS)

Assuming that you have consent to SSH into the far off server, utilize the order line to check the installed PHP version. This strategy is additionally helpful for checking the PHP version installed locally.

Check PHP Version in XAMPP Linux

1. Type the PHP order:

  • php – v

2. The php – v order chips away at Check PHP Version in XAMPP Linux, macOS, Windows, and other upheld frameworks. Its result contains the PHP version number, form date, and copyright information.

Fix ‘PHP isn’t Perceived’ Blunder on Windows

On Windows, the PHP way is at times not perceived by the framework, so the php – v order yields the ‘php isn’t perceived’ mistake.

To tackle this issue, set the Way climate variable first.

1. Type the following order, replacing [location] with the way to your PHP installation.

set PATH=%PATH%;[location]

Check PHP Version in XAMPP Linux

2. Typing php – v presently shows the PHP version installed on your Windows framework.


This article meant to explain the well known ways of Check PHP Version in XAMPP Linux on your server or neighborhood machine. The strategies canvassed in this tutorial include running PHP code and using the order line interface.

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