How To Check If MYSQL Server is Running Linux

You can utilize mysql startup script or mysqladmin order to see whether it is running on Linux. Then you can utilize PS order and telnet order too (it is not solid yet it works.). mysqladmin is a utility for performing administrative tasks. You can likewise utilize shell content to monitor Check If MYSQL Server is Running Linux. You can utilize mysqladmin as follows:

Realizing the form number assists with deciding whether a specific component is accessible or viable with your framework. This article gives five choices to check your rendition of Check If MSSQL is Installed working frameworks.

While my response was basically on the right track, I immediately acknowledged there were better ways of seeing whether MySQL (or MariaDB) is running on a Linux box (for my situation, CentOS 7). The following are a couple of ways of deciding whether MySQL is running on a CentOS 7 or Red Cap 7 Linux box.

My most loved is the systemctl strategy since I use it frequently to check the situation with different administrations like httpd. Here is one more technique to check the situation with Check If MYSQL Server is Running Linux.

MySQL is one of the most well known open-source data set administration frameworks and is utilized by numerous sites and associations. There are a great deal of MySQL renditions accessible on the Web. If you have any desire to have an application that requires a specific MySQL rendition, you should know the variant of MySQL introduced on your server.

Check MySQL Version with V Command

The simplest method for finding the MySQL adaptation is with the order:

mysql – V

The order mysql – V is not operating system specific. This order chips away at Windows, operating system X, and Linux distributions including Ubuntu.

The MySQL client variant in the model above is 10.4.5-MariaDB.

How to Find Version Number with mysql Command

The MySQL order line client is a Check If MYSQL Server is Running Linux shell with input altering capacities. You want to have administrative honors or utilize the sudo order to get entrance.

To get to your MySQL client, utilize the order:


MySQL form information is accessible automatically once the MySQL client loads.

Check If MYSQL Server is Running Linux

The MySQL client shell offers significantly more choices to recover itemized data about the adaptation introduced.


Since you have gotten to the MySQL client shell, explanations can give point by point data about your MySQL establishment. Remember that all text orders inside the Check If MYSQL Server is Running Linux client should end with a semicolon “;”

Enter the accompanying order:

SHOW Factors LIKE ‘%version%’;

The variable that contains MySQL rendition data is form.


It’s feasible to get the variant from inside the MYSQL client by composing the SELECT Adaptation() articulation:

SELECT Variant();

Check If MYSQL Server is Running Linux

This order gets the information from the rendition variable disregarding different factors.

STATUS Command

The STATUS order displays the variant as well as rendition remark data:


The result incorporates uptime (how long the Check If MYSQL Server is Running Linux has been running), strings (the quantity of dynamic strings), and other valuable data.

This assertion gives the most thorough outline in regards to the situation with the MySQL establishment and its ongoing rendition.


You currently know how to utilize the order line to Check If MYSQL Server is Running Linux. Furthermore, if you really want to get a more definite record of your MySQL rendition, this article cleared up how for display extra information from inside the MySQL client.

If your application is facilitated on the common facilitating and doesn’t approach the order line, you can transfer the PHP document to your site directory and check the MySQL variant.

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