What Is Zelda’s Horse Name In TOTK

The Legend of Zelda franchise has dazzled gamers for a really long time, offering a rich tapestry of experience, puzzles, and remarkable characters. Among these adored characters stands out Epona, the notorious horse buddy of the series’ protagonist, Link. Epona’s significance extends a long ways past being just a trusty steed, weaving into the texture of the game’s legend and captivating players with her part in Link’s excursion.

The Origins of the Name

Epona’s name holds a mystical charm, drawing inspiration from various sources. The name Epona traces back to Celtic folklore, where she was respected as a goddess associated with horses, fruitfulness, and overflow. This association adds a layer of profundity to the person, aligning her with themes of nature and companionship.

Epona’s Significance in the Game Series

All through the Legend of Zelda series, Epona serves as Link’s steadfast sidekick, aiding him in traversing vast landscapes and engaging in awe-inspiring fights. Past her utility as a means of transportation, Epona represents a connection among Link and the normal world, emphasizing themes of friendship and faithfulness.

Other Notable Horses in The Legend of Zelda

While Epona reigns as the most notorious equine friend, the series introduces other important horses, each with its own remarkable characteristics and roles. From the majestic white horse in Sundown Princess to the mystical stallions in Breath of the Wild, these steeds add to the diverse tapestry of the Zelda universe.

Fan Theories about Epona’s Name

The perplexing origins of Epona’s name have sparked numerous fan theories within the Zelda people group. Some speculate that the name reflects a combination of “Eo,” meaning horse in Greek, and “Pona,” possibly referencing an aspect of the horse’s job or significance in the game. Others dig into linguistic connections to uncover profound implications behind the name.

Revealed: The Official Meaning behind Epona’s Name

While fan speculation abounds, the official meaning behind Epona’s name was revealed in designer interviews and supplementary materials. Shigeru Miyamoto, the legendary maker of The Legend of Zelda, revealed that the name Epona was inspired by the Celtic goddess, further solidifying the association between the person and antiquated folklore.


Epona stands as an integral piece of The Legend of Zelda, symbolizing in excess of a simple method of transportation. Her name, drawn from antiquated folklore, adds profundity to her personality, resonating with themes of companionship, nature, and the mystical. As players leave on their adventures alongside Link, Epona remains a constant reminder of the enduring connection among legend and steed, etching her place as a cherished symbol in gaming history.

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