Learn 13 Useful Ways to Set Up Your New Mac Efficiently

So you have become a new Mac owner just recently and looking forward to learning the tips to make the most out of your device. If this is the scenario, you are in the right place as this article is meant to make your work easier. 

Right from setting up your Mac to use it efficiently, you will get multiple suggestions to play around it safely and get the maximum productivity. 

Let’s start with the Mac setup tips. 

How to Set Up Your Mac After You Unbox

Once you unbox your laptop, the first thing that you need to do is get the device into working mode. Here’s what you need to make it run.

Update the Operating System

All the devices spend some time in the warehouse after they are released from the manufacturing units. Although these devices come preinstalled with the latest operating system, you need to update it sometimes. 

By installing the latest updates, you get access to the latest macOS features. In addition, your device gets the latest security updates that protect your device against external threats. 

Remove Unnecessary Apps

Although Macs are free from any bloatware, there are apps that you won’t find useful, based on your regular work preferences. Deleting unnecessary apps will make more storage, preferably if you have purchased the MacBook with a low storage variant. 

Check if the software or app updates are available and install them right away. Removing these apps will also reduce RAM consumption as they might be eating up significant resources. 

Configure Antivirus Software

New Mac computers are not equipped with an antivirus application, which can be a threat to the device and data stored within. Although Apple computers come integrated with advanced firewall protection, antivirus installation is a must. 

You may search the Apple Store to download a preferred antivirus application for macOS and safeguard your internet browsing.

Configure Anti-Theft Settings

Find My feature on Mac allows you to locate your device in case you forget it somewhere. Once you configure this feature, you can see your MacBook if it’s online or check the location when it was last online. 

If the device gets stolen, you can erase its data using your Apple ID from a remote location to prevent it from unauthorized access. 

Troubleshoot Common Issues

New Mac will not display any problems, but problems do appear over time. You may find some common errors and technical glitches while working on your MacBook. The most notable ones are insignificant RAM, lack of storage, battery drainage, to name a few. 

In some cases, the issues can be out of your reach. For instance, if there are problems with the battery, you might need to seek professional help or consider replacing the laptop charger on your device.

How to Use Your Mac Easy Way

Now let’s move to learn some macOS frequently used features and shortcuts to make the most from it. 

Capture Screenshot

Sometimes you want to click a particular portion of the screen and not the entire window. Press Command + Shift + 4 to capture a selected section or hold down Command + Shift + 3 to grab the entire screen. 

View Special Characters

Typing a document is an integral part of our day-to-day work. Adding emojis and special characters can make your text interesting and more readable. Go to Edit in the menu and select Emoji and Symbols to add your preferred option. 

Switch Between Apps

While multitasking, switch between different apps open on the computer by pressing Command + Tab keys altogether. This will prevent you from juggling between the keyboard and mouse while allowing you to enhance productivity.

Start Mac Silently

You must have heard about the startup chimes that Mac produces on each startup attempt. Some find it musical, while it’s annoying for many. To start your MacBook silently, press down the Mute key on the keyboard when the device boots. 

Record Mac Screen

Apple’s in-built QuickTime player allows you to record the Mac screen without using a third-party app. Go to the Applications folder and launch QuickTime Player. Click on File and select New Screen Recording to record the entire Mac screen. 

Calculate in Spotlight

You can use Spotlight for calculating simple arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and so on. Spotlight is a multi-purpose app that allows you to convert currencies and units while searching for word meanings and more. 

Annotate a PDF

We all need to store and share data securely with colleagues or friends over email or messaging apps. Do you know you can annotate or edit a PDF using the in-built Preview app? Open a PDF in Preview from the Applications folder, click on the Pen tool, which will take you to the Markup menu bar with a variety of tools. Use them as required. 

Recover Forgotten Password

Forgetting the password is common, particularly when you are using a number of passcodes for various websites and online accounts. To recover a password, launch Finder, go to Applications, click Utilities, and select Keychain. Here, you will find a list of websites, apps, and programs with password details. 

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