How To Update Uniden R7

This update incorporates upgrades to the Update Uniden R7, bolts, and MRCD discovery, in addition to it adds a few new highlights and menu choices. Uniden’s New Zealand distributor has made the different Uniden R3 and R7 updates accessible. On the off chance that your detector is turned out great, there frequently isn’t any need to run a firmware update. We suggest not doing any firmware updates except if there’s a real issue.

Uniden’s R7 is a top-of-the-line Update Arris Cable Modem Firmware with an underlying GPS highlight. With the R7, you can check topographical places where you ordinarily experience radar transmissions. These can be school zones, red-light cameras, and where police as often as possible monitor traffic. You can check these focuses so the detector will report “Client mark ahead” when you approach them. Among different declarations, the Voice Warning element tells you when you are moving toward a radar and what sort of radar it is (red light, speed, and so forth).

Uniden keeps on intriguing by delivering Update Uniden R7 radar detector, a significant enhancement for both execution and sifting. The Uniden R7 Radar Detector has radar bolts that will let you know which heading the danger is coming from alongside 360 degree laser recognition.


  • Long Reach Laser Radar Identification
  • MRCD/MRCT (Ready need: Laser, MRCD, Ka, K, X) with customizable tones
  • Double Recieving wires show Laser bearing
  • Voice Notices
  • Radar band recurrence shows
  • GPS for Red Light and Speed camera areas
  • Up to 2,000 GPS lockouts
  • Simple to peruse OLED show
  • Client Imprint set and voice warning
  • High level K and Ka-band channels
  • Apparition I and IV are imperceptible
  • Shows Signal Strength and Vehicle Battery Voltage
  • Max. Speed Cautioning Framework
  • Red light camera point erase
  • X, K, MRCD, Ka, and Laser band selectable alarm tones
  • Intruder tone (Ready tones 1 – 5)
  • X, K, and Ka-band client characterized awareness levels
  • Auto quiet volume levels (Off, On: 0 – 5)
  • Ka Recurrence Voice Alert
  • Auto-Faint
  • Overspeed Ready Quiet


  • Width: 3.90 inches
  • Height: 4.80 inches
  • Depth: 1.40 inches
  • Weight: 2.00 pounds

Introduce AND TURN ON R7

You can mount the Update Uniden R7 on the windshield (1-and 2-cup pull sections included) or on the dashboard (snare and circle tape included).

Introduce/POWER ON


At the point when you mount the R7 on the windshield, mount it in the windshield between the driver and traveler. Make certain there are no checks and that there is a reasonable view through the windshield.

  • Join the elastic attractions cups to the section and push the cups solidly onto the windshield.
  • Slide the unit onto the section until it fits properly.
  • Plug the power rope RJ11 connector into the R7 and plug the cigarette lighter connector into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter.
  • At the point when the vehicle turns on, the R7 automatically turns on and goes through an individual test cycle.

Discharge the R7 from the section by squeezing the Launch key on top of the detector.

Update Uniden R7


Similar kinds of mounting prerequisites for the windshield apply for mounting the unit on the dashboard.

  • Append the unit to the dashboard utilizing the snare and circle clasp tape. Be mindful so as not to cover any air vent openings with the snare and clasp tape.
  • Plug the power string RJ11 connector into the R7 and plug the cigarette lighter connector into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter.
  • At the point when the vehicle turns on, the Update Uniden R7 turns on and goes through an individual test cycle.

Pull the unit from the dashboard, isolating the snare and circle tape.

MENU Framework

Menus let you set up the framework to your own necessities. You can turn various groups on and off and set explicit things like speed or auto-quiet. Press MENU to get to the Menu framework. The screen shows the choice’s ongoing status. For instance, assuming you press MENU and the screen shows Voice: ON, you have the choice of going Voice to OFF.
Utilize the accompanying keys to explore the menus:

  • MENU: Change a menu thing setting (press and hold to leave the Menu framework).
  • VOL + : Go to the following Menu thing.
  • VOL – : Go to the past Menu thing.

A few menu things possibly show in the event that GPS is set to ON. These sections are noted in the.

R7 Firmware 1.33 Delivery Notes

Update Uniden R7

  • MRCD on/off for QuietRide
  • VPR Laser Identification – DragonEye, Stalker XLR, and so on.
  • Further developed K-band BSM separating
  • Further developed MRCD separating
  • AutoMute Back K-band
  • Expanded K-band clear underneath 24.050 GHz

The download and update Update Uniden R7 on an android rendition: Pie, Oreo, Nougat, Candy, KitKat, Marshmallow, Q, Candy Android firmware free download.

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