How To Update Tactacam Reveal X

Move up to most up to date form firmware on you gadget, tactacam reveal firmware update you current rendition firmware to most recent adaptation, download freshest firmware. Update Tactacam Reveal X camera incorporates a pre-enacted SIM card that will interface with your cell phone utilizing the REVEAL Application.

After enactment and cell association, the Install Game Updates on Yuzu will convey photos from your chase area straightforwardly to your cell phone. Deal with your REVEAL cameras and offer your most loved photos from the solace of your home by utilizing the REVEAL Application.

The firmware Update Tactacam Reveal X isn’t on the site yet, however I have the genuine update in document design on my PC. I will transfer it to my one drive and post the connection here not long from now.


Download new delivery programming and update firmware last adaptation:

  • Last update variant: 02.01.2020
  • Country: All
  • Download Size: 134 MB
  • Language pack: English, Chinese
  • Variant: 5.1.11

How would I update Firmware on my Gen 1 Reveal?

Improvements remembered for this update:

  • SD compose speed.
  • Battery the executives security.
  • PIR discovery.
  • Chilly climate execution.

How can you say whether you want to Update Tactacam Reveal X ?

The most effective way is to really look at your camera’s product rendition.

You can do this on the camera by going to…

Arrangement > Menu > Other > About > (Push and HOLD the right bolt for 10 sec.)

Update Tactacam Reveal X

At the point when on the ABOUT page (Push and HOLD the right bolt for 10 sec.) you will see the product adaptation show up Ver: R1.0 3MR3RCwB506 in the event that more seasoned (A601, A701, A801) you ought to update your Reveal camera. Kindly see the update guidelines beneath.

REVEAL camera update directions to Ver: R1.0 3MR3RCwB506

  • Download the SPHOST.BRN and SPHOST.CFG documents and put them on an organized SD card viable with your REVEAL camera. Try not to place the documents in an organizer.
  • Ensure the record names (SPHOST.BRN and SPHOST.CFG) have not changed. The Documents won’t open with any application, they must be perused by the Reveal camera.

  • Put the SD card with the (SPHOST.BRN and SPHOST.CFG) documents in the REVEAL camera. Ensure you have a decent arrangement of batteries in the camera and don’t allow the batteries to drop out of the camera while doing the update.
  • At the point when you start the update Don’t drive off your camera. The update can take 5 min… when the update is done your Update Tactacam Reveal X self discipline off and afterward restart.
  • We should begin the Update. (Tip you ought to constantly do camera updates with NEW batteries to ensure you have a decent power source during the update)
    • Ensure the camera is in the OFF position and your update records SPHOST.BRN and SPHOST.CFG are on the SD card in the camera.
    • Push and hold the UP Bolt and change the Update Tactacam Reveal X … don’t deliver the up bolt until you see the camera screen show refreshing.
    • Vital – Don’t touch the camera until it powers off and afterward walks out on.
    • Power off the camera and supplant the SD card. The SD card you utilized for refreshing the Reveal can be utilized to update your other cameras.
    • Test the updated Reveal prior to leaving by going to arrangement mode. Press the alright button to send a test photo. After it says send achievement turn your camera to on and close the entryway.

Update Tactacam Reveal X

Investigating – in the event that your camera doesn’t update if it’s not too much trouble, affirm the document names have not changed. (SPHOST.BRN and SPHOST.CFG) Likewise ensure the records are not in a compress document or envelope.

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