How To Update FSlogix

This page records the updates for each FSLogix discharge. We suggest adhering to the Update FSLogix establishment guidelines and continuously introducing the most recent delivery. With the new GA of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD).

Microsoft has stretched out its capacity to convey significant endpoint abilities to clients anyplace on the planet. Intended to refine the standard Windows Virtual Desktop abilities, introducing FSLogix on WVD can upgrade and improve on such non-determined conditions.

FSLogix Profiles places a client’s whole profile into a FXserver Fivem. This compartment is ordinarily stored on a document server and joined progressively as the client signs on. The Windows Search data set can likewise be meandered in the Profile Compartment. Likewise, note that meandering the Pursuit Data set in a Multi-client climate has explicit Windows operating system variant prerequisites. Date/Time stamps are not really updated when VHD composes are finished.

Seems as though there is another fix for Update FSLogix. Discharge 2004 (2.9.7349.30108). This fix rendition is essentially a monster rundown of fixes. ~17 different bugs and issues crushed. No new highlights however as may be obvious. The redesign cycle is essentially as straight forward as the establishment interaction. Simply supplant the specialist with the new doubles and you will be all set.

The article underneath strolls you through a short outline of FSLogix in Nerdio for Sky blue (NFA), a couple of things that could normally turn out badly, lastly how to investigate those issues.

How it functions

The comprehension of the organization of Update FSlogix with profiles will check out when you check out at the pieces and parts that FSLogix assembles.

  • FSLogix administrations are important for each arrangement finished with Nerdio for Purplish blue (NFA) or Nerdio Chief for MSP (NMM)
  • In NFA,
    • Vault sections are arranged to empower FSLogix and guide the profile storage toward \\FS01\Profiles\%username%
    • There is another vault passage that avoids DESKTOP, Records and Top choices organizers from FSLogix profile since those are diverted to \\FS01\USERS\%username% envelope. This vault passage focuses at a XML record that advises FSLogix to bar those envelopes. This document is \\FS01\Profiles\redirections.xml
  • In NMM,
    • Clients profiles are stored at an UNC way fitting your personal preference, or in Sky blue records.
    • Extra FSLogix arrangement depends on you.

What can turn out badly?

Update FSlogix

We’ve seen various circumstances that can make FSLogix profile redirection not work. Here is a rundown of the most well-known ones. (What’s more, you can track down their fixes in the segment underneath: “Fixes for each issue” )

  • Client profile area can’t be gotten to by the client who is signing in a result of consents issues.
  • Client profile area can’t be gotten to due to DNS issues because of Half breed Promotion being empowered and clients not having the option to determine Update FSlogix (expecting to determine all things considered)
  • A current nearby profile keeps FSLogix from making another profile and the client keeps signing in with the neighborhood profile
  • Profile VHD record is locked by another client meeting. This can frequently happen when a client has a disengaged meeting on another meeting host that keeps the profile record locked yet AVD association specialist puts the client on another host and can’t plan the profile.

How To Investigate?

  • There is no “local_%username%” organizer in C:\users while the client is signed in. This implies FSLogix isn’t working.
  • The date/time on the VHD document in Client profile area isn’t current. This implies FSLogix isn’t planning as expected and changes aren’t being saved.
  • Occasion Watcher FSLogix Activities log is showing blunders. Every blunder has a code, on the off chance that you search FSLogix codes you’ll have the option to recognize what the main driver is.
  • Extra data is accessible in the logs. Find these in the pool have that overhauled the clients login endeavor. Like \\Pool-A00000N\c$\ProgramData\FSLogix\Logs\Profile\

Update FSlogix

  • Login to FS01 and check authorizations on the client’s VHD document in Client Profile Location\%Username%\Profile_%Username%.vhdx and right snap to actually take a look at security consents
  • For NMM, See extra investigating for NMM explicitly, here.

Fixes For Each Issue

  • This is a consents issue and the authorizations ought to be hampered to the default.
  • Update the vault sections on the pool format to point at Update FSLogix (or anything that the Nerdio Promotion FQDN is). There are two vault sections to change. Set format as picture and update existing hosts.
  • Eliminate the neighborhood profiles from the meeting host as well as layout VM. On the other hand, execute the “erase nearby profile when it exists” library passage on the layout so FSLogix does that automatically.
  • Track down the other meeting on another host, log it off. It’s essential to do this instead of simply killing the record handle since there might be a RW VHD record that should be converged with the primary profile. On the off chance that the record handle is stopped without logging, the RW document will be disposed of and a few changes that client made might be lost.
  • Change the design on the worldwide AVDSH00 layout to not reject Space Administrators from planning FSLogix.

Recreating A User Profile

There are times where reproducing a client’s profile might be fundamental. Expecting the default envelope redirections are set up, reproducing the profile won’t erase the client’s Desktop, Reports, or Top choices envelopes. Note that any documents saved somewhere else in the profile and any profile customizations will be lost. You can utilize the accompanying moves toward reproduce the profile:

  • On FS01, go to E:\Profiles and explore to the client profile you are attempting to reproduce. The full way to the profile holder will be E:\Profiles\%Username%\GUID_username\Profile_%Username%.vhdx.
  • Whenever you have found the profile holder, you can either erase it or move it to another area assuming you are uncertain if erasing would present gamble of information misfortune. The client should be logged off and the holder unmounted to play out this step.
  • Have the client sign into their desktop. Another profile holder will be made.

Final Note

Occasionally in NFA, the Update FSlogix application on the Pool hosts or Individual desktops should be updated/overhauled. The setting of the application in AVD and it’s download of the FSLogix applications can be found at. The whole cycle took me under 30 minutes. Contrasted with sending a Liquidware Labs Profile Solidarity the executives arrangement, that commonly requires 4 hours least. While not a 1:1 planning of tools, you get 80% of the highlights with 20% of the administration above.

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