How To Update Flameshot in Ubuntu 20.04 Quickly

In this article, I will find you through the ways to install Update Flameshot in Ubuntu 20.04 tool on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Central Fossa). Flameshot is a free and open-source, cross-stage tool to take screen captures with many inherent elements included. It not just gives different choice to customize the screen capture yet additionally has many efficient elements that saves your editing time. Starting and using this tool is generally basic than the others and thus makes it one of the most enjoyed screen capture tool at present accessible on the lookout.

Flameshot is an open-source screen capture and comment tool intended for Change Pip Path in Ubuntu, macOS, and Windows frameworks. The best thing about this screen capture tool is that it works with both the graphical UI as well as the order line interface. It is an exceptionally simple to-utilize screen capture tool that gives clients an elevated degree of adaptability and customization. In today’s article, we will introduce Flameshot on a Ubuntu framework. These instructions have been tried on Update Flameshot in Ubuntu 20.04.

There are different open-source programming accessible to take a screen capture, even the Ubuntu accompanies own screen capturing tool which can be gotten to straightforwardly from the Applications or using the console easy route Ctrl+PrtScn. However, Flameshot comers with few editing capacities, for example, we can draw bolts or lines, obscure components or feature them with an edge, adding text and considerably more.


  • It is exceptionally customizable with a choice to customize the interface tone, button determination, console easy routes and so forth.
  • Inherent editing tool gives different choices to alter like add a bolt mark, feature text, obscure a segment, add a text, draw something and so forth.
  • It is as simple to use as straightforward it looks. One can basically drag the determination box to catch a region and save it using improved on interface.
  • It permits clients to transfer the screen capture straightforwardly to the cloud in request to impart to other people.
  • It has CLI support which permits this tool to be integrated with slam or some other contents also.

With Update Flameshot in Ubuntu 20.04, one can make screen captures in a single stride and furthermore find the program outwardly appealing. The shade of the buttons can be changed and intended to match your own framework.

Installing Flameshot on Ubuntu 22.04

For installing the Flameshot screen capture tool on your Ubuntu framework, you should play out the following advances:

Step # 1: Play out the Framework Reserve Update

You want to play out your framework store update by executing the order shown underneath:

  • $ sudo adept update

With this framework update, your Ubuntu 20.04 machine will be good to go to install the Flameshot screen capture tool on it.

Step # 2: Install Flameshot in Ubuntu 20.04:

Presently, you can Update Flameshot in Ubuntu 20.04 by executing the following order in your framework’s terminal:

  • $ sudo able install flameshot

Update Flameshot in Ubuntu 20.04

When the Flameshot screen capture tool will be installed on your Ubuntu Desktop, the terminal will show these messages as an indication.

Step # 3: Send off Flameshot on Ubuntu

You can send off Flameshot in Ubuntu via searching for it in the Exercises search bar as shown in the picture underneath:

Update Flameshot in Ubuntu 20.04

Clicking on this query output will make the Flameshot symbol show up on your Ubuntu framework’s taskbar as featured in the following picture. You can tap on this symbol to send off a menu that will give you different choices for using this screen capture tool as shown in the following picture:

At the point when you never again need to utilize this screen capture tool on your Ubuntu framework, you can eliminate it by executing the order shown underneath:

  • $ sudo adept get cleanse flameshot

Update Flameshot in Ubuntu 20.04

The fruitful execution of this order will eliminate Update Flameshot in Ubuntu 20.04 and its conditions from your Ubuntu 20.04 framework.

Finally, you can likewise eliminate that large number of bundles and conditions that are not required any more by executing the following order:

$ sudo well-suited get autoremove

Update Flameshot in Ubuntu 20.04

When this order has finished its execution, you will see the beneath shown messages on your terminal:


In this aide, we explained how to install the Update Flameshot in Ubuntu 20.04 capture utility on a Ubuntu 22.04 framework.

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