How To Update FFXIV Launcher

Last Dream XIV’s Endwalker 6.2 update is at long last accessible for download, however a few clients experience difficulty getting their game launcher to update. Without the update, you can’t download the Endwalker update. This is the way to get your launcher updated and reduce this Update FFXIV Launcher. While the items in Conclusive Dream XIV’s fix discharges are not even close to frustrating, server association issues and launcher update blunders during these updates are not a new thing to the local area.

Obviously, it is marginal difficult to pander to each player’s PC equipment, web speed, or different qualities that could create these issues. Update Ecobee Firmware, it actually can be a torment as large numbers of these issues don’t exist for players until after the arrival of the fix, meaning something in the update caused their bother. Luckily, there are a couple of arrangements that Heroes of Light can attempt to fix the launcher update mistake in Conclusive Dream XIV.

Last Dream XIV’s profoundly expected Endwalker update has arrived, yet for some’s purposes, the launcher isn’t refreshing which can pretty baffle. This isn’t whenever the issue first is coming up connected with fix updates, however there are Update FFXIV Launcher that can take care of you. Thus, to guarantee that you get the most recent update and fix the incapable to download fix records blunder, attempt these FF14 investigating tips.

Fix Last Dream XIV’s Launcher Update Mistake

The client faces this issue while attempting to update the game launcher. This may be an issue, as without refreshing the launcher, it is very outside the realm of possibilities for the client to partake in the game.

This is the way you can attempt to fix this issue.

1. Really look at Your Firewall and Antivirus

Check and guarantee that there aren’t any inbound and outbound principles, which may be slowing down the client attempting to arrive at the Update FFXIV Launcher. As a sanity check, feel free to make special cases for the launcher’s .exe both in your antivirus and firewall. You can likewise totally handicap the counter infection and have a go at trying it out, and in the event that it does, continue to add special cases.

2. Administrator Honors

Run the game with administrator honors. Right-click on the launcher’s exe and click on “Run as Administrator” Guarantee that you are signed into your administrator account.

3. Impair the DX11

Direct X 11 is a Programming interface that guarantees legitimate couple in working the product and matching it with the equipment; however, Dream is prestigious for not playing great with this Programming interface, so we recommend you switch it off and check if that fixes the issue. To switch off DX11, click on the “Config” Button accessible in the launcher and toggle of DX11

4. Physically Update the Launcher Client

Update FFXIV Launcher

In some cases, attempting to do the update cycle physically Fixes this issue. To do this, go to Documents\My Games\FINAL Dream XIV – A Domain Reborn\ open Update FFXIV Launcher and open it in scratch pad you will find BootVersionCheckMode 0, transform it to 1 and save, then start launcher and it ought to work.

We trust one of these means has worked for you, On the off chance that not let us in on in the remarks, See you in the following one.

How to Physically Update your FFXIV Launcher

Because of some focused Redditors, there’s as of now a fix for a defective launcher update. On the off chance that your Last Dream XIV launcher isn’t refreshing automatically, you’ll need to update the launcher physically. To do this, follow the means underneath:

  • Go to Documents\My Games\FINAL Dream XIV – A Domain Reborn\ on your PC
  • Select FFXIV_BOOT.cfg and open it in the Scratch pad application
  • Search for BootVersionCheckMode 0 in the Scratch pad and change the 0 to a 1.
  • Save and begin the launcher to drive a manual update.

A few clients have revealed the launcher returning this 0 to a 1 even in the wake of saving. To fix this issue, rehash the interaction until your PC acknowledges the change. When this change has been applied, the game ought to physically update the Last Dream XIV launcher on PC.

Reinstall Last Dream XIV Launcher

In the event that this mistake perseveres, the following choice is to reinstall the game. Whether you’re on Steam or the local Update FFXIV Launcher, ensure you completely uninstall and afterward reinstall the launcher. Make sure to back up your Client Information before you do this, as it stores your Hotbars and Choices settings and will be an agony to re-try in the event that you neglect. Best of luck in Eorzea!

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To fix the launcher update mistake in Conclusive Dream XIV, players are first urged to guarantee their antivirus programming or their firewall are not keeping the game from sending off. Generally, another update presents a few new documents that be confused by one’s framework with malware. As needs be, ensure the game’s documents are an exemption for these security programs.

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