How to Fix Open Tray Error on Xbox 360 Slim

The Open Tray Error on Xbox 360 Slim is certainly one of the most inconvenient errors you can experience on your control center as its objective is generally connected with equipment, instead of programming issues, meaning you in some cases truly need to have somebody to take a gander at it or you want to play out some upkeep cautiously.

There are many answers for this issue and no one can tell which one may be appropriate for your circumstance. On the off chance that the Xbox 360 can’t understand Google Play Store Error 927, you can’t introduce any new games or even play a game assuming it requires the circle to be embedded. Follow the arrangements introduced underneath to dispose of the Open Tray error for the last time.

At any rate, in this instructable I will help you six basic ways of fixing these error that I have attempted, and all of them has worked for me somewhere around once.

This Open Tray Error on Xbox 360 Slim proprietors who are experience the “open tray” issue. This is the point at which you embed the circle, a couple of moments later, it’ll request that you open tray once more, and afterward it will not recognize that there’s a plate in the tray. Accepting you know how to open up your XBox, you’ll have the option to see the pieces of the circle drive. It comprises of two sections, the part where the plate turns on, and the laser, which peruses the circle and it sits only a tad bit away from the center of the drive.

Step 1: Blow Some Air Into the Disc Drive

This is presumably the least complex fix. Be that as it may, has worked for me. What you’ll need to do is open up your circle drive, (where the plate proceeds to blow) some air into the space that we should you see into the xbox itself. I think this occasionally works since residue or something gets on the laser that peruses the plate, and by blowing some air into the space, you eliminate that residue.

Step 2: Blow Some Air Into the Power Cords/spaces

How you’ll need to help this is switch off your xbox, eliminate the power line from the xbox and blow some air into the piece of the rope that goes into the xbox and afterward blow some air into the piece of the xbox where the rope goes.

Step 3: Clean the Disc

This fix will attempt to make it simpler for your Open Tray Error on Xbox 360 Slim to peruse a plate by making the circle more straightforward to peruse. We do this by taking a circle out running a few cool water over the plate and afterward delicately drying it either by touching it or by scouring the plate from within to the outside of the plate. Then, at that point, just set the circle back into the xbox.

Open Tray Error on Xbox 360 Slim

Step 4: Fix 4: Try Different Discs

This is and simple fix, take a stab at placing various circles into your xbox. indeed, even attempt standard xbox games and DVDs. On the off chance that your xbox peruses one of them, change the plate to the first game you needed to play.

Step 5: Fix 5: Keep Opening and Closing the Disc Drive

This fix is likely the best fix since it has worked the most times for me. So all you’ll need to do is placed a circle in the plate drive, close it and sit tight for it to stack. In the event that it says “open tray”, open and close the tray once more. Presently continue to do this. It ought to ultimately stack the plate. Be that as it may, continue to go after no less than 5 minutes in a row.

Step 6: Fix 6: Knock on the Xbox

This fix has worked for me with the “double tap error” despite the fact that it sort of unusual. I don’t know it works with the “open tray error” yet you should attempt it.

So what you’ll need to do is first, open the tray and put a plate in. Then, at that point, close the tray and begin delicately thumping on the xbox right above where the plate is inside the xbox. Presently continue to rehash this until it works. It could take some time, however it proved Open Tray Error on Xbox 360 Slim. You should attempt this to for like 5 minutes.

In the event that your not certain how to do this progression, look into a video on how to make it happen. It could help.


What do I do if my Xbox 360 keeps saying open tray?

Press and hold the power button at the front of the Xbox 360 console until it shuts down completely. Turn the Xbox on by clicking on the open disc tray and physically make the disc tray go back in with not too much force to knock the tray of its tracks but with enough force to close it manually.

How do you open an Xbox 360 Ifixit slim?

Take your front cover with your home and eject button and lay it down in front of the console. The front cover is connected to a power source by the home button. Be very careful to pull it over and then out so you don’t break it.

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