[Learn] How To Transfer Progress To A New Device Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go is a digital adaptation of the classic Monopoly board game, allowing players to experience the delight of purchasing, trading, and dominating the real estate market on their cell phones. On the off chance that you’ve put time and effort into the game and are changing to a new device, you’ll want to transfer your progress seamlessly. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the most common way of transferring your Monopoly Go progress to a new device.

How To Transfer Progress To A New Device Monopoly Go

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Transfer Progress on Monopoly Go

Prepare The two Devices:

Before you start the transfer, guarantee you have both the old and new devices at your disposal. Install Monopoly Go on your new device and make sure it’s updated to the latest adaptation.

Open Monopoly Go on the Old Device:

Launch Monopoly Go on your old device and guarantee it’s associated with your client account. Most portable games utilize either your Google Play Games (Android) or Apple Game Center (iOS) account to save progress.

Interface Your Account:

In Monopoly Go’s settings or profile area, you’ll frequently track down a choice to connect your game to your Google Play Games or Apple Game Center account. Do this on your old device to adjust your progress.

Sign In on the New Device:

On your new device, open Monopoly Go and sign in with the same Google Play Games or Apple Game Center account you utilized on the old device.

Data Synchronization:

Generally speaking, the game will automatically distinguish your progress and synchronize it with your new device. This may take a couple of seconds, so guarantee a stable web association.

Confirm Progress:

Check your progress, for example, in-game money, properties claimed, and achievements, to guarantee they match what you had on the old device.

Common Issues and Solutions for Transferring Progress on Monopoly Go

Account Connecting Issues: Assuming you experience issues while connecting your account, twofold check that you’re utilizing the right account credentials. Utilizing the same account on the two devices is essential.

Synchronization Delay: Some of the time, progress synchronization may take some time. Be patient, and guarantee a stable web association during this cycle.

Game Updates: Guarantee that you’ve updated Monopoly Go to the latest variant on the two devices. More seasoned renditions may not help progress transfer.

Tips for Maintaining Progress on Multiple Devices

Regularly Sync Your Progress: To avoid progress misfortune or discrepancies, sync your progress regularly by signing in with your connected account on your primary device. This guarantees that your latest achievements and acquisitions are updated in real-time.

Secure Your Accounts: Keep your Google Play Games or Apple Game Center accounts secure. Utilize solid passwords and enable two-factor authentication to forestall unauthorized access.

Contact Backing: On the off chance that you experience issues that you can’t determine all alone, make it a point to Monopoly Go’s help team. They can furnish assistance with explicit issues related to progress transfer.

How To Transfer Progress To A New Device Monopoly Go

Conclusion: Enjoy a Seamless Gaming Experience with Monopoly Go

Transferring your progress to a new device in Monopoly Go is a straightforward cycle when you follow the steps illustrated in this guide. With your progress safely carried over, you can keep assembling your real estate domain, working out agreements, and outsmarting your rivals in the realm of Monopoly Go on your new device. Enjoy the game without missing a beat!

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