Why is Software Update Stuck on Preparing Update

Assuming you have at any point physically updated the iOS version, similar to iOS 15 on your iPhone, you might find that your iPhone stalls out on the Software Update Stuck on Preparing Update. This can occur because of reasons like there might be a software or equipment issue on your phone that is keeping the update from being completely ready.

Apple will deliver the most recent iOS 16 in the mechanism of September. Notwithstanding why the issue has happened, you may likely be searching for ways of fixing the iPhone stalling out on the preparing update screen issue and effectively update iOS 16. This guide covers a portion of the functioning techniques for you to fix your iPhone update stuck issue. You ought to then have the option to update your gadget with no issues.

When you are redesigning your iOS framework, why does it say Software Update Stuck on Preparing Update? Indeed, it’s simply the phone is preparing a few records required for the update. In any case, if your new iPhone stuck on preparing update for quite a while you don’t should be apprehensive. The primary thing is to preclude a few potential foundations for this issue to happen.

Assuming you are holding up that the update will be continued naturally, it won’t work out. Individuals who hold the Reset NVR Without Reset Button will get the iOS 16 version before it is delivered publically. In this way, you need to go through the recuperation cycle so you can get the majority of the iOS beta version before the arrival of an authority version of iOS 16. here we cover the solutions for how ought to help designer/Beta Clients.

Why Your iPhone Stuck on Preparing Update?

There are various common causes that can prompt Software Update Stuck on Preparing Update. Essentially, as long as you preclude these couple of reasons you can overhaul iOS with practically no issues. Otherwaise, you might require some professional assistance.

Coming up next are the most common:

Server Issues

One of the significant reasons for this issue is a blunder with the Apple Servers which store and distribute the iOS 16 update for all iOS gadgets. Now and again, these servers can fall flat, particularly when such a large number of iOS gadget proprietors demand the update all simultaneously.

Network Issues

The speed of the organization is one of the principal reasons for this issue, on the grounds that the firmware bundle expected to download the framework is essentially as extensive as 3 to 4G. On the off chance that your Wi-Fi speed excessively low, it will cause preparing update taking until the end of time.

Equipment Issue

Equipment issues are one more significant reason for this issue since they can really intrude on the update cycle. For instance, the phone has recently supplanted the battery or dropped and supplanted parts.

In any case, there is a fundamental method for assisting you with fixing iOS 15/16 Software Update Stuck on Preparing Update in a couple of snaps. No matter what the reason for the issue, this solution will assist you with redesigning your iOS framework rapidly and with 100 percent achievement.

Most ideal Way to Fix iPhone Stuck on Preparing Update

iToolab Figo is the most effective way to fix iPhone stuck on preparing update screen. Since you can eaisly download IPSW. File with this apparatus and the download speed will be displayed. In addition, assuming the issue brought about by obscure issues, this professional device can assist you with fixing these issues. This software is presently viable with the iPhone 14/14 Expert series.

Download and introduce FixGo on to your PC and afterward follow these straightforward moves toward fix the gadget:

  • Stage 1 Run FixGo and in the principal window, select “Standard Mode” to start the maintenance cycle. Connect the iPhone to the PC utilizing USB links and afterward click “Fix Now”.

Software Update Stuck on Preparing Update

  • Stage 2 The following stage is to download the firmware expected to fix the gadget. Basically click “Download” and FixGo will start downloading the necessary bundle.

  • Stage 3 When the download is finished, click “Fix Now” and FixGo will promptly start fixing the gadget. The gadget will restart when the interaction is finished.

Software Update Stuck on Preparing Update

That is the way iToolab FixGo assists you with tackling Software Update Stuck on Preparing Update taking everlastingly issue. It upholds the most recent iPhone and iOS 16. Thus, you don’t need to stress this software not compatiable with your gadget. You can likewise see the video guide beneath:


For different reasons, your iPhone might stall out on the Software Update Stuck on Preparing Update. Nonetheless, the multiple ways above can take care of this issue. After you settle the issue with one of the strategies over, your iPhone will actually want to download and introduce the update without issues. Furthermore, you can utilize iToolab FixGo, which can undoubtedly fix iPhone stuck issues with only a couple of snaps without information misfortune.

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