How To Renew Final Fantasy 14 Subscription

As a rule, the “No legitimate help account is accessible to play Renew Final Fantasy 14 Subscription” mistake message shows that you right now have a dormant subscription or potentially you are endeavoring to use a help account that doesn’t have a right duplicate of FINAL FANTASY XIV enlisted. To guarantee that your administration account is forward-thinking and prepared to-play FINAL FANTASY XIV On the web.

Final Fantasy 14 Online is a hugely multiplayer online pretending game that utilizes a subscription model, so when your sub runs out, you’ll have to purchase additional opportunity to play the Rogue Final Fantasy 14. In the event that you’re playing the free preliminary, you have as much time as you need to finish the substance included with it. Regardless of whether you finish the preliminary’s story and maximize all your work levels, you’ll in any case have the option to sign in and play free of charge.

You possibly need to pay for a subscription on the off chance that you’re playing a bought rendition of FFXIV. You can buy 60-day codes for around $30 from most computer game retailers, similar to Amazon, GameStop, or the Square Enix site straightforwardly.

Final Fantasy 14 is a Final Fantasy 14 Subscription with a plan reasoning rather dissimilar to numerous different instances of the class. The director of the game, Yoshi-P, as of late focused on that he believes players should partake in the game however they wish, and it’s a game with such a great amount to do that it’s undeniably challenging to get exhausted.

Pursuing the Free Preliminary

Maybe you’ve heard the image. “Have you attempted the widely praised MMORPG FFXIV? You can play through the whole of A Domain Renewed and the honor winning Heavensward extension up to even out 60 free of charge without any limitations on recess!”

It’s a continuous joke inside the local area, yet all at once it’s totally obvious. The Renew Final Fantasy 14 Subscription preliminary permits you to partake in the whole game up to even out 60 — 20 levels underneath the pre-Endwalker level cap — and play through the substance in the base game, as well as the underlying Heavensward development. On the off chance that you’re hoping to attempt the game, it’s an extraordinary spot to begin.

A couple of limitations apply to preliminary records:

  • Report promotion
  • One Free Preliminary record for each Settle Enix outstanding balance
  • You can make up to eight characters, with one person for each server world
  • The greatest level cap is level 60 (just to emphasize)
  • You can have a limit of 300,000 gil, the fundamental in-game money
  • You can’t exchange with different players
  • No positioned PvP and you can’t join a Free Organization (FFXIV’s rendition of societies)

However, there are more subtle provisos. In the first place, you can begin the Free Preliminary on one stage. Whichever stage you start your preliminary record on, you’re gotten into that until you burn through cash. Assuming that you start the preliminary on PlayStation 4, you can’t switch over to PC or Macintosh and play. You will actually want to buy a permit for any stage you pick later, yet you’re stuck while in the time for testing. So where you start is significant.

How to Buy Final Fantasy XIV

Prepared to hop into all that FFXIV brings to the table? Presently it is the right time to purchase a duplicate of the game! You can buy a boxed duplicate for PC and PS4 in various retail locations, or you can purchase the game carefully. You can buy a PC or Macintosh computerized duplicate on the Square Enix Online Store, Macintosh Application Store, Amazon, or Steam.

Renew Final Fantasy 14 Subscription

Whenever you’ve bought the game from any of these stores, you should find the enlistment code. For the Square Enix Online store, you’ll get an affirmation email with a connection to your enlistment code. For Amazon, you’ll find your code under your Final Fantasy 14 Subscription, “Advanced content and gadgets,” and afterward “Computerized Games and programming.” In Steam, you’ll need to track down Final Fantasy XIV in your games library, click the gear-tooth symbol, select “Make due,” and afterward select “Disc keys.”

No matter what your technique, you’ll need to sign into the Mog Station: an extravagant term for the FFXIV website page where you deal with your record and buys. This is where you’ll deal with your FFXIV account proceeding. After marking into your Settle Enix outstanding balance, you’ll be welcomed with the Record Administrations page.

Click the huge “Add New Help Record” button. Then, at that point, on the following page, enter the enrollment code you got from one of the past techniques. This will apply the code to your record, forever enlisting that particular stage to your Settle Enix outstanding balance.

How To Buy into Final Fantasy XIV

When you register your bought game, you’ll get 30 days of recess. When that beginning game time is up, you want to have a legitimate subscription or utilize a game time code to continue to Renew Final Fantasy 14 Subscription.

There are two kinds of subscription accessible:

  • With the Standard subscription ($14.99 each month), you can make up to eight characters for every world, and up to 40 characters altogether. You can pay month to month, or buy a very long time in mass for a rebate: 90 days for $41.97 or 180 days for $77.94.
  • With the Passage subscription ($12.99 each month), you can make one person for every world, and up to eight characters altogether. Month to month is the main choice for a Section subscription.

To add or change your subscription, you want to sign into the Mog Station. Once more. Under “Your Record,” which ought to be the page that is open when you sign in. You need to choose “Charge card/Crysta Installment.” On the following screen, you can pick either the Norm and Passage subscription types, your subscription period, and add your installment strategy. Subscriptions renew automatically on a similar time span you initially paid for: purchase 90 days of game time and it’ll renew like clockwork. Simple.

How To Cancel Your Subscription

In order to cancel your subscription, you must log in to the Mog Station. You will be taken to a page where you can access everything you need to manage your Service Accounts and Final Fantasy 14 characters. This page will give you a quick overview of your accounts and let you add game time to your current Service Account.

  • If you want to cancel your subscription, you must click the large Manage Service Options button just above the Service Status tab. You’ll be taken to a very similar page with extra options available at the top that lets you access services such as additional in-game retainers, entering item codes, or managing your subscription renewals.
  • Scroll down to the Service Account Status tab and you’ll find the option labeled Cancel Subscription. When you click this you will be asked if you really mean to do this. Canceling your subscription merely stops the subscription from renewing, you can still play the game until your current subscription runs out and your characters and account will not be deleted.
  • When you cancel your subscription, you will be asked the reason behind your decision.
  • You can also cancel your Service Account here, but this will stop you from playing the game at all.

The Entry subscription costs $12.99 per month and offers no discounts for bulk purchases. It allows you to make one character per world and up to Renew Final Fantasy 14 Subscription. Most people will only need this subscription, unless you need lots of characters or plan on buying many months at once for a cheaper price.

How To Re-subscribe

Renewing your subscription is done in much the same way as canceling. You must make your way to the Manage Service Options tab of Mog Station and scroll down to the Service Account Status menu.

  • There are two links that will take you to the subscription page. The link Add Subscription and the link asking you to sign up for recurring subscription payments will both take you to a page prompting you to fill in your payment details.
  • Alternatively, you can use Game Time Cards or a paysafecard to add time to your Service Account. These options can be found in the same menu.

Renew Final Fantasy 14 Subscription

Once you log in with your Square Enix account, click “Manage Service Options.” Under the banner that says “Subscription Renewal,” you can choose to either add game time using a card you bought from a retailer or pay with a credit card.

When you pay for your subscription directly through Renew Final Fantasy 14 Subscription, you also have two subscription options.

The Standard subscription costs $14.99 per month and offers discounts if you buy months in bulk. It allows you to make up to eight characters per world and up to 40 total. This is useful if you want to make a lot of different characters or if you want to play with different people across different data centers.

How Much Is Final Fantasy 14 A Month?

There are two subscription plans available for Final Fantasy 14, and they vary only slightly. A Standard Subscription allows you to make a total of eight characters per world with a maximum of 40 characters across every single world. In addition, with a Standard Subscription, you can pay for 30 days, 90 days, or 180 days at a time to minimize the number of payments. There are discounts for choosing the option to pay for 90 days or for 180 days.

An Entry Subscription on the other hand is sneakily named. It costs less than a Standard Subscription and allows you to make only one character per world and eight characters in total — but this is more than enough for the purposes of most players. In fact, the cost of an Entry Subscription for 180 days is exactly the same as buying 180 days on a Standard Subscription.

If you want to buy a shorter subscription or set up recurring payments, you need the Mog Station website. Mog Station is the site that handles almost all of the paid services for Renew Final Fantasy 14 Subscription, whether it’s buying an outfit or upgrading your games from the standard versions to the collector’s editions.

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