How to Remove Windows.old Folder Windows 11

Assuming that you’ve as of late overhauled from Windows 10 to Windows 11, you’ll have multi week to return. After you redesign, Windows will make a Remove Windows.Old Folder Windows 11 on your framework drive. This folder incorporates any old Windows establishment documents and other framework information from your past working framework.

This Windows.old folder contains any old Windows establishment records and other framework information from your past working framework. Windows utilizes this folder to make it simple to move back the overhaul and return to the past form you redesigned from. Assuming you feel OK with Windows 11 and you believe you won’t return, then erasing the Remove Windows.Old Folder Windows 11 ought to be protected to do.

It appears to be that you’re hoping to build some storage in your gadget by clearing out a few unused documents, particularly the past windows establishment records.

The Windows Old Folder is an assortment of documents held from the past rendition of Windows. Contingent upon the use, earlier Windows variant, and information stored, the Remove Windows Activation Watermark apportions approximately 15-25 GB of circle space.

Something You Need to Know About Windows.old Folder

Before you begin erasing Windows.old folder on your PC, here is something that we figure you ought to be aware of this folder.

What Is Windows.old?

Windows.old folder is created by the Windows working framework when you update starting with one variant of Windows then onto the next. The Remove Windows.Old Folder Windows 11  isn’t a novel, new thing with Windows 10, what begins with Windows Vista.

The Windows.old folder contains every one of the documents and information from your past Windows establishment, including Windows framework records, client records’ settings, User Profile, and User Folder records, and so on.

You can apply it to restore Windows to the past form in the event that you could do without the new adaptation. You can likewise dive into the Windows.old folder to find a particular record that wasn’t as expected replicated to your new Windows establishment.

Where could the Windows.old Folder be?

So you might ponder where is the Remove Windows.Old Folder Windows 11 saved money on the PC and how to erase it right? Generally, Windows.old folder is saved in C: drive under the Windows folder after Windows framework redesign as shown beneath:

It occupies an immense room as almost a similar size as your C: drive before the Windows update. This makes sense of why such countless individuals notice that their C drive gets full rapidly after a Windows update.

Remove Windows.Old Folder Windows 11

Is It Safe to Delete Windows.old Folder?

So is it protected to erase the Windows.old folder? Indeed. In the event that you choose to remain with the new Windows framework and every one of your documents are protected on the new OS, you can erase it from your PC in order to let loose the plate space.

For what reason Can’t I Remove Windows.old Folder?

As per the Microsoft Windows discussion and some tech gatherings, clients grumble that they can’t remove Windows.old folder as Windows reports that the record not found or target is certainly not a legitimate document or directory.

Why would that be? The following are two principal reasons that make sense of why you can’t erase Windows.old folder straightforwardly from your C: drive:

1. The Windows.old folder has been removed by Windows OS

To save circle space, Windows Operating System is intended to erase the Windows.old folder automatically after you redesign:

  • On Windows 10, Windows.old folder gets erased automatically in 10 days after Windows redesign.
  • Windows 8.1/8, Windows.old gets erased automatically in 28 days after Windows redesign.
  • On Windows 7 and older OS, Windows.old will be removed automatically in 30 days after OS update.

2. Erase Windows.old needs administrator consent

In spite of the fact that Remove Windows.Old Folder Windows 11 is available for you to check and view the saved records. However, it requires administrator consent from the System to make changes to this folder. Thusly, in the event that you don’t have authorization, you can’t straightforwardly erase Windows.old from C: drive.


On this page, we made sense of what is Windows.old folder, how you can manage Windows.old folder, the default area of this folder, and offered three pragmatic techniques to assist you with fixing “can’t remove Remove Windows.Old Folder Windows 11” issue on Windows 10.

These techniques additionally can be applied to erase this folder on other older Windows working frameworks, similar to Windows 8.1/8/7, and so forth. Here, we likewise gathered a few top concerned questions and passed on brief solutions to take care of you. Assuming you are having similar worries, check and track down the responses:

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