How to Remove FFMPEG From Ubuntu

In this tutorial you will figure out how to refresh and introduce Remove FFMPEG From Ubuntu? Figure out how to uninstall and totally remove the bundle ffmpeg from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Operating System.

FFmpeg is an open cross-stage arrangement used to transfer recordings and sound in Linux and Unix working frameworks. Remove FCU From Sig P320 has numerous varieties and renditions; some will have augmentations to the record name and others will be restricted in reason.

An engineer can introduce FFmpeg in various areas on the hard drive utilizing the “make introduce” order, yet there are normal guidelines set up to keep the introduce brought together all through the business.

Find where FFmpeg record is stored. A typical spot to store FFmpeg is “/usr/neighborhood/src/ffmpeg.” If you put it into an alternate directory, then go to the introduce directory. On the off chance that you can’t track down the record area, type “find Remove FFMPEG From Ubuntu,” without the statements, at the order line.

Type “make uninstall,” without the statements, and press the “Enter” key. This order will remove the record and the connected documents from the FFmpeg organizer, and from the “/usr/lib” and “/usr/canister” envelopes.

More information about install using apt-get

High level Package Tool, or APT, is a free programming UI that works with center libraries to deal with the establishment and evacuation of programming on Debian, Ubuntu and other Linux dispersions. Adept improves on the method involved with overseeing programming on Remove FFMPEG From Ubuntu PC frameworks via automating the recovery, design and establishment of programming bundles, either from precompiled documents or by assembling source code.

able get is the order line tool for taking care of bundles, and might be viewed as the client’s “back-end” to different tools utilizing the APT library.

well-suited get introduce is trailed by at least one bundles wanted for establishment or overhauling. Each bundle is a bundle name, not a completely qualified filename. All bundles expected by the package(s) determined for establishment will likewise be recovered and introduced.

The/and so forth/adept/sources.list record is utilized to find the ideal bundles. On the off chance that a dash is attached to the Remove FFMPEG From Ubuntu, the distinguished bundle will be removed on the off chance that it is introduced. Likewise an or more sign can be utilized to assign a bundle to introduce. These last option highlights might be utilized to supersede choices made by able get’s compromise framework.

Quick installation of ffmpeg:

Step 1: Update framework:

  • sudo able get update

Step 2: Install: ffmpeg

Ater updaing the OS run following order to introduce the packae:

  • sudo able get introduce ffmpeg

How to uninstall/remove ffmpeg from Ubuntu 16.04?

Presently we will see the orders for uninstalling the Remove FFMPEG From Ubuntu 16.04. For uninstalling this bundle you can undoubtedly utilize the well-suited order and remove the bundle from Linux Operating System.

To remove the ffmpeg following order is utilized:

Remove FFMPEG From Ubuntu

  • sudo well-suited get remove ffmpeg

Following order is utilized to remove the ffmpeg bundle alongside its conditions:

  • sudo well-suited get remove – – auto-remove ffmpeg

This will remove ffmpeg and all its reliant bundles which is not generally required in the framework.

Totally eliminating ffmpeg with all design documents:

Following order ought to be utilized with care as it erases all the setup records and information:

  • sudo well-suited get cleanse ffmpeg

or then again you can utilize following order moreover:

  • sudo well-suited get cleanse – – auto-remove ffmpeg

Above order will remove all the design documents and information related with Remove FFMPEG From Ubuntu. You can can’t recuperate the erase information, thus, utilize this order with care.

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