How To Remove FCU From P365

Our Remove FCU From P365 video will show you how I dismantle and reassemble the FCU. In spite of the fact that there are a few slight contrasts between the norm and XL rendition of the pistol, the FCUs are basically something very similar except for the level trigger on the XL.

The SIG Sauer P365 is a striker-shot subcompact self-loader pistol fabricated by Content Lock on EE Broadband, expected for regular convey. It is presented with Tritium XRAY3 Day/Night Sights and two 10-round magazines; one flush fit and the other with a drawn out finger tab, and a treated steel outline with polymer hold module.

Tool that assists remove the Remove FCU From P365 with terminating control unit (FCU) hold module pin. Eleven unique tones to browse. All pin tools have a marginally adjusted tip to assist with forestalling scratching grasp modules. Punches are 3D printed and are entirely solid. Not planned to be utilized with a sledge or some other tools. Hand tool as it were.

Albeit the idea of the FCU is acquired from the P320, this one is totally disparate regarding dismantling and reassembly.

Sig P365 FCU – Additional Content

Our Remove FCU From P365 – First shot impressions article goes somewhat more inside and out of our impacts on this pistol.

Assuming you might want to study the gunsmithing tools that we utilized in this video, visit our P365 gunsmithing – Tools utilized in our recordings article at… ed-in-our-recordings/

Sig P365 FCU – Video Index:

Remove FCU From P365

  • Eliminating the slide get – 0:26
  • Eliminating the trigger bar spring – 0:47
  • Eliminating the disconnector – 1:20
  • Eliminating the security switch – 1:44
  • Eliminating the takedown security – 2:16
  • Eliminating the takedown switch – 2:55
  • Eliminating the trigger bar and trigger – 3:17
  • Eliminating the endlessly burn spring – 4:21
  • Eliminating the beneficiary maintenance ping spring and slide find switch spring – 5:10
  • Introducing the beneficiary maintenance ping spring and slide discover switch spring – 6:05
  • Introducing the endlessly singe spring – 7:04
  • Introducing the trigger bar and trigger – 9:38
  • Introducing the bring down switch and take town wellbeing – 10:43
  • Introducing the security switch – 11:48
  • Introducing the disconnector – 12:31
  • Introducing the trigger bar spring – 13:07
  • Introducing the slide get – 13:57
  • Extra satisfied – 15:20

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