How To Perform Flip Reset In Rocket League – Ultimate Guide

This move isn’t for the faint-hearted. It resembles the twofold backflip of the Rocket League world. Executing a total flip reset is equivalent to achieving Rocket League nirvana. On the off chance that you’ve seen one in action, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. In the event that not, indeed, continue to read – your mind’s about to be blown!

How To Perform Flip Reset In Rocket League

Mastering the Basics of Aerials

Before we can tackle the flip reset, we want to nail down those aerial abilities. Imagine trying to bake a soufflĂ© before you’ve mastered scrambled eggs – it’s essentially not gonna happen.

All in all, where do we start? All things considered, consider aerials in Rocket League like practicing levitation. You’ll have to become familiar with the launch, control your car’s bearing and speed in mid-air, and know when and how to utilize help actually. It resembles being a Jedi, besides in a supersonic acrobatic rocket-controlled battle-car. Not a problem, correct?

Understanding the Mechanics of the Flip Reset

Strap in close, because here’s where we start getting into the mechanics of the flip reset. In straightforward terms, a flip reset is a maneuver where the underside of your car gently taps the ball in mid-air, resetting your flip (hop/evade).

Think of it like hitting the reset button on a computer game, however instead of restarting the level, you’re reigniting your potential for aerodynamic mayhem. When you drive off the ground or a wall, you have a restricted chance to utilize your flip. Yet, when you reset that flip by touching the ball with all four wheels… all things considered, you become creative!

Tips and Tricks for Performing a Successful Flip Reset

Performing a successful flip reset is like trying to pat your head, rub your stomach, jump on one leg, and recount the alphabet backward all at the same time. Talk about multitasking!

Here is a little mystery puddle of shrewdness for you:

Be patient and industrious. Rome wasn’t inherent a day and neither is your flip reset. Continue to practice and eventually it’ll click.

Get a decent first touch. Launch intensely, however with control. As the familiar axiom goes, “Very much started is half finished!”

Know when to flip. This isn’t about indiscriminately smashing into the ball, it’s about finessing it with a delicate touch.

And finally, let go of the lift! See, I get it, the lift button is as tempting as a bowl of firm french fries. However, save it for when you really need it, such as making that final flip to send the ball soaring into your rival’s goal.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Attempting a Flip Reset

Rocket League is a game of expertise, calculation, and accuracy. And the flip reset is no exemption. The following are a couple of pitfalls to evade when mastering the art and study of the flip reset:

Hastening the interaction: You’re not running a 100-meter dash here. It’s to a greater extent a 400-meter obstacle. Patience, youthful grasshopper, patience.

Overshooting or undershooting your leap: You want to aim for that Goldilocks zone – not too high, not too low, yet all at once on the money.

Ignoring your vehicle’s situation: it resembles doing a pirouette – balance and alignment are vital. Make sure your car’s underside tenderly interfaces with the ball.

Utilizing the Flip Reset in Game Situations

Presently, whip out your imaginary lab glasses, because we’re about to change from practice mode into real-world application. Implementing the flip reset during a super charged Rocket League game is certainly not a basic task. Use it as an unexpected move, when your rival least anticipates it – like a sleek secret weapon!

Keep in mind, the best players are unpredictable. Try not to utilize your flip reset because you can. Use it when it’s the right second – when it’s the swoosh to your LeBron James’ dunk, or the final chivalrous harmony in your virtuoso guitar solo.

How To Perform Flip Reset In Rocket League


There you have it, pal. That’s the pith of the famed flip reset. From understanding the basics of aerial moves to implementing in a craze of a high-paced game, that’s your masterclass not too far off.

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