How to Get Magnezone in Pokemon Go

It’s been above and beyond a year since Pokemon Go added new Sinnoh Pokemon. In any case, with an ever increasing number of players joining the game each day, there’s as yet a need to help new Magnezone in Pokemon Go who probably won’t be educated up on each game technician. It’s not about the Mega Evolutions, you know! One such Pokemon which could require a touch of additional clarification for new players, is Magnezone.

Pokémon Go is quite possibly the most well known versatile game played by a huge number of individuals all over the planet. The AR-driven game permits players to look around the roads of their city, experiencing and endeavoring to catch wild Pokémon as they go.

Pokemon Go, which one of the main Arrow in Premiere Pro computer generated experience games, has been rejuvenating many dreams. A couple of years ago, players absolutely never anticipated that they will get an opportunity to get their virtual Pocket beast to face conflicts and advance them. This game isn’t just aiding numerous Magnezone in Pokemon Go fans to satisfy their fantasy to be a Pokemon Master yet it additionally permits them to cause their pocket beast to develop from little level one Pokemon to the most noteworthy advancement stage.

As of late added to Pokemon Go is the last development of the Magnezone bdsp line, Magnezone. This lumbering wad of suspending steel is a strong partner and can hit hard. Sadly it has various shortcomings other electric sorts don’t.

How to get Magnezone in Pokemon Go?

Before you figure out how to get Magnezone in Pokemon Go, you really want to know that this pokemon is the Generation 4 development of Magneton from Generation 1. Thus, there are really two methods for getting Magnezone in Pokemon Go, first, you can just gather Magnemite confections and hit develop to get Magnezone. Or then again one can decide to track down another thing called a Magnetic Lure Module. The Magnetic Lure Module is one of the new things in the store.

Gather 125 Magnemite candy and a Magnetic Lure, then utilize the draw on a PokéStop. While inside the sweep of the bait, give 25 Magnemite candy to a Magnemite to develop it into Magneton then, at that point, give the Magneton 100 Magnemite candy to advance it into a Magnezone”

Magnezone must be acquired by advancing a Magneton with a certain goal in mind. In the first place, you should buy a Magnetic Lure from the shop and use it on a PokéStop. These draws will draw in electric sort Pokemon however will likewise permit Magneton to develop into Magnezone. When the draw is utilized, giving the Magneton you need to advance 100 Magnemite candy while remaining inside the region of the PokéStop with the bait can make it develop into Magnezone.

Requirements to Get Magnezone

Magnezone, being the third Magnezone in Pokemon Go its development line, requires a crazy measure of treats to acquire. You first need to develop a Magnemite into a Magneton which requires 25 Magnemite candy. Then you will require 100 additional Magnemite candy to develop the Magneton into Magnezone, bringing the total up to 125 Magnemite candy.

Magnezone in Pokemon Go

Magnemite and Magneton are observed where other electric sorts produce. Close to modern structures, school grounds, and dry environments. Where steel types are found, inside urban areas or close to railroad tracks.

By having a Magnemite or Magneton as your amigo Pokemon you will get one Magnemite candy by strolling 3. Kilometers with them so have a Magnemite or Magneton as your pal while you look for sweets. While candy hunting, try to utilize Pinap berries which twofold the candy acquired from getting a Pokemon.


Magnezone is an intense get, requiring two developments. A draw yet when you truly do get one it tends to be crucial for your group. Indeed, even with its significant shortcoming to ground moves, this Magnezone in Pokemon Go. Can tank hits like no other and assuming it realizes Charge Beam. As well as either Zap Cannon or Flash Cannon, you can overpower your enemies with speedy charging. Weighty hitting moves from a Pokemon that simply will not swoon.

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