How To Login To Blooket And Create A Question Set – Full Guide

Blooket is an engaging educational platform that allows clients to create, play, and share customizable learning games.

How To Login To Blooket And Create A Question Set

Steps to Login to Blooket

A. Creating an Account

Visit Blooket’s Website: Go to the Blooket website (

Join: Click on “Join” and create an account using an email address and password.

B. Logging in with Google or Clever

Google Login: Assuming you like, you can also sign in using your Google account by selecting the Google login choice.

Clever Login: For educational institutions, Blooket offers Clever integration, allowing clients to sign in through their Clever accounts.

How to Navigate Blooket

A. Explaining the Homepage and Features

Games Section: The homepage displays various games available to play or create.

Create: Access the creation tools to make your own games.

Library: Check your question sets and games saved in the library.

Profile: Access your profile settings, achievements, and game statistics.

Creating a Question Set

A. Choosing a Game Mode

Create Game: Click on “Create” to start making another game.

Select Game Mode: Choose the game mode you want to create, similar to “Tower Protection” or “Trivia.”

B. Adding Questions and Answers

Add Questions: Click on “Add Question” to input a question.

Input Answers: Type in the correct answer and possible incorrect answers (if applicable).

C. Customizing the Question Set

Question Settings: Customize points for correct answers, clocks, or other settings in the question editor.

Theme and Background: Personalize the game with various themes and backgrounds available.

Tips for Creating Engaging Question Sets

Various Questions: Include a variety of questions covering various topics or difficulty levels.

Visuals and Media: Add images or recordings to make questions more engaging and interactive.

Clear Instructions: Guarantee instructions for each question or game mode are concise and understandable.

How To Login To Blooket And Create A Question Set

Sharing and Playing

Share Your Game: Once created, share your game with others via a novel code or link.

Joining Games: Players can join using the code gave, entering it in the “Enter a code” section on the Blooket homepage.

Playing Games: Start the game and have fun playing with companions or in an educational setting.

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