How to Install Add Google Drive to File Explorer

Add Google Drive to File Explorer assuming you’re utilizing Windows. You realize that it adds a different and unmistakable easy route for OneDrive to File Explorer. One that you can’t eliminate. The equivalent occurs with Dropbox in the event that you install it on your Windows PC or gadget. However, this doesn’t occur with Google Drive, basically not as a matter of course. Assume you use Google Drive consistently and need to install its desktop application on your Windows PC. Imagine a scenario in which you likewise need to add Google Drive to File Explorer.

Despite the fact that you can download and utilize both of them at the present time, beginning with October 2021, just the new “Google Drive for desktop” will stay accessible.

The primary part of this guide works for all adaptations of Windows. This shows you how to add Google Drive to File Explorer’s Quick access, to Windows Explorer’s Favorites, and as a standard drive in both file directors.

The second section of the tutorial shows you how to add Google Drive to File Explorer (as a different passage in its route board) in Windows 10 and Windows 11. However, it doesn’t allow you to add Google Drive to Windows Explorer in Windows 7.

How to Install Add Google Drive to File Explorer

How to Install Add Google Drive to File Explorer

Adding Google Drive to File Explorer allows you to get to your cloud files without opening an internet browser. Restore Raid Configuration You can then deal with your cloud files go about as though they’re your nearby files. This is the way to set that up on your Windows PC.

To add Google Drive to Windows File Explorer, you’ll utilize the free Google Drive application. This application incorporates your cloud files with your nearby PC, permitting you to transfer new files, download existing ones, and empower and cripple file synchronizing.

Google Drive is the web-based record storage arrangement made by Google company which exists in private and business releases. Clients can alter bookkeeping sheets, reports and introductions, as well as offer admittance to them so they can be co-altered progressively. Google offers a unique client programming, ‘Reinforcement and Sync’ which streamlines the sync activity. Of course, Google Drive doesn’t show up in the left area of File Explorer of Windows 10. This is the way to add it there.

How to Install Add Google Drive to File Explorer

How do I get Google Drive added to my quick access files in File Explorer?

In this technique, you simply have to stick the Google Drive alternate way from the desktop to the Quick Access in the Windows. On the off chance that you don’t need the extravagant way (like OneDrive) of showing Google Drive in the sidebar then, at that point, basically pin it to the Quick Access.

How do I add a shared drive to quick access?

Right-click on the envelope or shared drive you need to easy route and select Pin to Quick Access. The envelope name will currently be recorded under the Quick Access segment in the sidebar of File Explorer. Later on, you can tap on that alternate route to get to the organization share.

Access it by opening the File Explorer utility utilizing the Windows+E console easy route. In File Explorer’s left sidebar, you’ll see another thing called “Google Drive.” Click it to get to your cloud files in your recognizable file supervisor application. You’re good to go.

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