How to Monitor Your Home Through Smart Technology When Traveling?

Sometimes you need to get away for a while and take a break from your lifestyle and work. But what about the things you leave behind at home? Who will watch over them? We have the solution for you; smart home technology. We are living in the digital era. You are always connected.

Along with being connected to friends, colleagues, and news updates about the world, you can also stay connected to appliances and devices in your home. Smart home technology makes it all possible. And, you will absolutely love the convenience and peace of mind it offers.

But first, you need to find a way to stay connected. This means you need a working internet connection when you are away from home. It will allow you to stay connected to your smart home devices and monitor activities at home. Consider Xfinity; using Xfinity mobile service, you can connect to the smart devices at home and manage them remotely. Also, Xfinity, being the most widely available service in the US, has hundreds of Wi-Fi public hotspots around the country. These can be accessed on your smartphone with Xfinity credentials. Xfinity is a good service to take when you are traveling in the future. Learn more about how you can stay connected by reaching out to Xfinity customer service at

Hence, as long as you have an internet connection, you can connect to these devices remotely and keep an eye on things around the home while vacationing. Let’s move on to the kind of smart device you need.

Smart Home Ecosystem

There is an ecosystem that connects all your smart devices together to create an interconnected system, which can be managed and maintained by you. At the moment, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant are three of the most used system in smart home technology. What kind of echo system you go for, depends on the preferences and habits you have developed with your smart devices.

If you have Apple devices at home, then Apple HomeKit is designed just for your Apple devices to connect with each other. Android users will find that Google Assistant is suitable for them, and Amazon Prime users will benefit from using Amazon Alexa.

Smart Home Hub

After deciding on a suitable smart home ecosystem, your next goal is to select a smart home hub. The hub is an essential device for connecting all your devices in your home.

As expected, Android users need the Google Home Hub to make the most of the user experience. The Second Generation Echo Show by Amazon works

Smart Home Devices

Now you need to move on to what kind of smart devices you to need work at your home while you are away for your vacations.

Smart Lights

You often forget to turn off the lights in your home when you are going out and it results in disastrous electric bills. But in case you left some lights on in your home, you can easily turn them off from your smartphone.

Also, you can schedule the lights to turn on when it is starting to get dark out, so that, to burglars, it can seem like someone is still home.

Smart Locks

There are times you often lose your keys. What if you came back home after vacation to find that you lost your keys and could not get yourself in? To avoid this, you can unlock the smart locks in your home through your phone.

Smart Thermostats

That’s right, thermostats are also one of the components that can be managed through smart home technology. It helps to keep the temperature at your preferred level and saves you from any extra costs. You can control and automate the temperature with the help of your smartphone.

Smart Feeder

What if you had to go to another city suddenly and couldn’t find anyone to look after your cats? Smart home technology has the answer for you here too; a smart feeder! You can manage and schedule your pet’s feeding times throughout the day. Meals can be dispensed for your pet cat in the form of 1/8 to 4 cups, whichever suits their needs.

The coolest thing is that even after your Wi-Fi drops, your pet will still receive food as per schedule, even with a battery backup.

These are just a few examples of smart home devices for your comfort and convenience. Other examples of the smart home monitoring system include security cameras and updating zabbix server, smart ovens, sprinklers, smoke alarms, and more.

Wrapping Up: Smart Home Convenience for Travelers

Whether you are going out for an errand or on a weekend trip, smart home technology is the answer to keeping eye on things at home. You can also manage devices around your home remotely. This gives peace of mind to travellers such as yourself. The only catch is that you have an internet connection as well. But even when offline, the smart devices around your home will still continue to function as automated and scheduled.

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