How to Fix Google Play Error 491 – 3 Effective Solutions in 2022

It is moderately easy to settle this issue, simply follow the means beneath. In the event that you experience the message “Incapable to download application – Google Play Error 491” on your Android gadget, it presumably implies that your telephone no longer perceives your Google account.

Android error code 491 is an error that generally happens while downloading an application from the Play Store. It implies that the download or update isn’t accessible right now.

In the event that you receive the message saying error 491 when utilizing the Google Play Store, this implies that a download or update was unthinkable at that point. However, relax, there is a way of fixing this. You are in good company to run over this error however numerous clients have detailed a similar circumstance. Google Play Store error 491 can happen in any Android telephone like Samsung, HTC, ZTE, Nexus, and others. Because of this, clients can’t download or refresh any applications.

A few clients are getting the Google Play Error 491 at whatever point they attempt to download or refresh an application. The capacity to download applications on your cell phone is one of the often utilized errands nowadays, yet this error prevents the clients from doing as such. This issue can occur on any Android gadget that you are utilizing. The error message will be Cant update application or Cant download application.

Did you experience Google Play Error 491 while downloading or introducing any applications? Stressed over how to conquer this error as it isn’t allowing you to introduce your most loved applications from PS3 Error Code 80710723? In the event that your answer is yes to this large number of inquiries, JUST WAIT.

What Are The Reasons For Play Store Error 491?

Indeed, the error can happen to any client whenever while utilizing the Play Store application. Nonetheless, there is no specific conversation about this error except for certain purposes are behind it that happen on Android telephones.

They are:

  • Might be your Google account have some issue
  • Play Store application may have information ruined
  • Because of contradictory settings with Google Play in gadget

Possibly there are a few reasons also yet don’t stress as the error can be fixed.

What Causes the Google Play Error Code 491?

Subsequent to investigating this specific issue, we observed some to be potential reasons which can cause this error. Generally, this error implies that your telephone no longer perceives your Google account, because of which it can’t finish the mentioned download or update that the client has requested. However, there can be some different reasons as well, as recorded beneath:

  • Google Account – The most widely recognized situation for this specific error can be; when something is causing an issue with your Google account. Also, your record will not be able to adjust with Google Play Store and showing the error for download and update.
  • Google Play Store – There is a possibility that the issue is brought about by the Google Play Error 491 application having some debased or broken information, in light of which you will not be able to follow through with certain jobs.
  • Stored Memory – Sometimes when we close applications they are not totally shut, and the applications or information that sticks in the memory might cause the issue for the telephone.

This article will assist you with various strategies to determine the Error code: 491. We will begin from the normal and straightforward technique to the definite one.

Method 1: Restarting Your Phone

For the most part android errors can undoubtedly sort out by restarting your telephone. It will revive the RAM by eliminating every one of the brief information of recently utilized applications. You can restart your telephone by utilizing the Power button on your telephone. When you restarted the telephone, go actually look at Google Play Error 491 Store for downloading or refreshing applications.

Method 2: Clearing the Google Play Cache & Data

Reserve information on your gadget is an assortment of little documents saved to help your gadget load or complete undertakings quicker, as opposed to downloading it each time it is utilized. Google Play Store saves the client information into the gadget which might get bad or broken, so getting it out may take care of the issue for a large number of you all. To clear information, follow the means underneath

  • Open Settings, then, at that point, select Applications/Apps
  • Quest for the application Google Play Store and open it
  • Snap Force Stop, then, at that point, click Clear Data or Clear Cache

Google Play Error 491

  • Presently go really look at Google Play Error 491, in case you can download or refresh.

Method 3: Remove and Add back your Google Account

At the point when a record is added to a gadget, the data identified with that record is naturally adjusted with the gadget. In the event that Google account is the reason for the error, eliminating and adding it back may fix the issue for you. You really want to eliminate your Google account from the gadget in settings, then, at that point, restart the telephone and add it back again by following the means underneath

  • Go to Settings of your gadget, select Accounts and afterward Google
  • Presently select your current record, tap on choices symbol and select Remove account

  • Restart your gadget, and go through similar advances and Add account after you select Google
  • Presently you can go to Google Play Store and check on the off chance that it works.


The Google Play Store error 491 is a common error code that occurs to any Android phone/tablet user. This error occurs while downloading or installing any apps from the Play Store. However, here in this blog, I have provided a few best solutions to fix Google Play Error 491.

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