How to Get a Storm Flip in Fortnite OG

The Storm Flip in Fortnite OG is a consumable thing that changes over a small area into a safe zone within the storm or transforms the safe zone into a stormy area. It’s a versatile tool offering strategic advantages during intense battles, providing both hostile and cautious capabilities.

How to Get a Storm Flip in Fortnite OG

How to Find a Storm Flip in Fortnite

Storm Flips can be found in various plunder sources, including chests, supply drops, or floor plunder. Their availability varies across various game modes and locations, making exploration and looting crucial to acquiring this valuable thing.

Strategies for Using a Storm Flip

Cautious Utility: Use the Storm Flip to create a safe zone within the storm, offering temporary rest for healing or repositioning during chaotic situations.

Hostile Tactics: Utilize the Storm Flip unpalatably by deploying it in safe zones, forcing rivals out into the storm, putting them at a disadvantage.

The Best Locations to Use a Storm Flip

Strategic organization of the Storm Flip relies upon the situation:

Safe Zone Change: Use it in open areas to transform safe zones into stormy locales, pressuring adversaries into unfavorable positions.

Stormy Area Transformation: Send it in confined spaces to create a safe haven within the storm, allowing for healing or regrouping.

Tips and Tricks for Mastering the Storm Flip

Timing is Crucial: Convey the Storm Flip at the ideal second to maximize its impact on rivals.

Awareness of Surroundings: Use the Storm Flip strategically, considering the terrain and positioning of adversaries.

Team Coordination: Communicate with teammates to synchronize the use of Storm
Flips for optimal outcomes in team-based modes.

How to Get Creative with the Storm Flip in Fortnite

Try different things with novel strategies:

Trap Placement: Combine Storm Flips with traps to create deadly combinations.

Zone Control: Use Storm Flips in strategic locations to control foe developments during intense battles.

How to Get a Storm Flip in Fortnite OG


Mastering the Storm Flip in Fortnite OG offers an upper hand, whether used for protective maneuvering or aggressive plays. With its dual functionality, strategic arrangement and creative usage can reverse the situation of battles, providing an advantage in the steadily evolving landscape of Fortnite.

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