How to Fix a Gamecube Disc Read Error

A Gamecube Disc Read Error normally happens when the laser focal point, which reads the game plate, becomes grimy. When the laser focal point collects dust, it becomes more earnestly for the framework to read and handle data on the game plate. Fortunately, you don’t have to dismantle the GameCube to clean the laser focal point. However, one of the significant plan blemishes with the GameCube is that the laser focal point is very delicate, so apply no strain against the focal point.

On the off chance that you have an old Gamecube that can’t read circles, don’t dispose of it yet. You might have the option to fix it by clearing off the laser. After I gave this a shot my Error Code 505, it never had issues reading.

The Disk couldn’t be read: Ensure the game is embedded accurately. With the power switched off on the framework, supplant the Game Disk in the framework, printed side up. Likely not such countless individuals playing Nintendo Gamecube today (2018), however I still however I’d toss this into a little video for good measure. The justification behind not transferring in. I got a Gamecube Disc Read Error that was told not read game circles.

This is the way I sorted out what wasn’t right and how I fixed it. Keen on the multimeter I utilized in this video? Here is the survey I did. Go to your nearby basic food item or pharmacy, get a jug of scouring liquor for about a buck, clean the focal point, let it be a few hours.


A Disk Read Error might return inside half a month, which will expect you to rehash the steps above.

  • Step 1 Remove the Gamecube Disc Read Error, the fan and afterward lift up CD gathering
  • Step 2 Remove the metal protecting from the underside, hung on by small screws.
  • Step 3 Look at the underside of the circuit board and find the small voltage control.
  • Step 4 Take a little Phillips head screwdriver and turn it a smidgen clockwise.

There is most likely a huge scratch or a lot of more modest scratches on your circle. There are fix packs you can utilize that ordinarily fix the plates to the point of playing once more. Assuming there is no scratch except for a ton of smears, take a fine, clean material and rub the base delicately until it looks spotless. level 2. by pushing on the plate. Assuming the plate is shifted aside, this is your concern.

In the event that the plate is holding on and doesn’t have all the earmarks of being at a point, then, at that point, re-join it to the shaft, this maintenance. Spread toothpaste on the circle. This circle fix technique ought to be utilized if all else fails.

Gamecube Disc Read Error

Utilizing plain, white toothpaste, rub a quarter-sized sum in a roundabout movement with your fingers on the plate. Cover the intelligent side of the circle totally. The miserable the truth is that there could be no more straightforward fix. Your laser is breaking down, and the most effective way to fix it is to change the potentiometer inside the 3D shape or simply purchase another Gamecube Disc Read Error.

pop the circle in so the title is arranged on a level plane (or simply recollect its beginning direction), then, at that point, attempt and play the plate, when it give you the error, open the top and actually look at the direction of the plate, in the event that it isn’t equivalent to when you shut the top, it turned If the circle isn’t turning, that is the.

Delicately rub the q-tip against the laser focal point. The laser focal point resembles a little round piece of glass close to the focal point of the opened circle drive. Ensure while scouring the q-tip against the laser focal point to be incredibly delicate; even a little strain can counterbalance the laser focal point.

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