How To Fix Mic Not Working In Lethal Company

Lethal Company is a vivid gaming experience known for its intense gameplay and interactive features, including voice chat. However, encountering microphone issues can disrupt the game’s social aspect and teamwork.

How To Fix Mic Not Working In Lethal Company

The Common Issue of Mic Not Working in Lethal Company

Despite the game’s built-in voice chat functionality, players often face issues where their microphones fail to function correctly within Lethal Company, hindering communication with teammates and affecting gameplay coordination.

Troubleshooting Steps for Fixing the Mic Issue

A. Check Microphone Settings in Lethal Company:

Bit by bit guide to accessing and adjusting microphone settings within the game’s interface.

B. Update Audio Drivers on Your Device:

Instructions for updating audio drivers on various operating frameworks (Windows, macOS, etc.) to guarantee compatibility.

C. Restart the Game and Your Device:

Basic yet effective guidance on restarting both the game and the device to determine potential software glitches.

D. Check for Any Software Conflicts:

Steps to identify and determine conflicts caused by background applications that may affect the microphone’s functionality in Lethal Company.

Additional Tips for Ensuring a Working Mic in Lethal Company

Test Mic in Other Applications: Suggesting clients test their microphone in other applications to check functionality.

Use Default Settings: Encouraging players to involve default settings in both the game and the device’s audio configuration.

Guarantee Legitimate Connection: Reminding clients to check physical connections for external microphones or headsets.

Contacting Lethal Help

Customer Backing Channels: Providing information on how to reach out to Lethal Company’s customer support for further assistance in the event that the issue continues to happen despite troubleshooting.

How To Fix Mic Not Working In Lethal Company


A functional microphone is vital for effective communication and coordination in Lethal Company. By following the troubleshooting steps provided and incorporating additional tips, players can increase the likelihood of resolving microphone issues and partake in a seamless gaming experience, completely immersed in the game’s interactive features.

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