How to Fix AAE Error 6117

In this article, we investigate the error codes that Pro Tools can hurl when you are least anticipating them. We take a gander at each message, make sense of what is happening and proposition guidance on how to determine the issue. Master Tools is perhaps the most utilized DAWs in spite of a couple of limits and known error. Quite possibly the most usually detailed error is AAE Error 6117, which is an issue with the sound driver.

Assuming you are getting disappointed attempting to sort out some way to tackle this issue, there are a few investigating steps that you can follow to fix AAE Error 6117 while utilizing Pro Tools.

A few Windows clients are announcing that they wind up seeing the ‘AAE Error – 6117’ message while endeavoring to get the Pro Tools program to stack. Different clients are detailing that they see this message while endeavoring to open up the PlayBack Engine menu (by squeezing N key on the sprinkle screen).

This error code basically implies that the sound gadget couldn’t be introduced. As a rule, this issue will happen because of a missing driver for the point of interaction that you’re endeavoring to utilize.

While investigating this specific issue, you ought to begin by endeavoring to drive the PlayBack Engine window following you send off the Pro Tools application. In most case, this will permit you to keep away from a possible struggle between a recording or playback gadget and Pro Tools.

What Is AAE Error 6117?

Understanding the significance of the message is the initial step to investigating any error code. AAE Error 6117 tells you that Pro Tools couldn’t introduce the chose sound gadget. They suggest that you select an alternate sound gadget. Fundamentally, the error code is demonstrating that Pro Tools couldn’t recognize or work with the sound driver introduced on your PC.

This is one of the most widely recognized error codes for Review on Zillow First clients. It ordinarily happens when another application or interaction is utilizing the sound driver. Devoted in the long run addressed this issue with later updates. They guarantee that this issue shouldn’t happen with Pro Tools First 12.8.2.

You ought to initially attempt to introduce the most recent update. Refreshing may dispense with the issue. However, a few clients actually report seeing the AAE 6117 error code. Fortunately, the answer for managing AAE Error 6117 is fast and simple. You simply have to follow a couple of straightforward steps and conceivably introduce a general sound driver.

AAE Error 6117

Install the Latest Driver for Your Audio Interface

The initial step is to guarantee that you have the most recent driver introduced for your sound point of interaction. Most connection points and gadgets ought to automatically download and introduce refreshes, including fresher drivers. However, network issues and different issues might forestall an intermittent update.

You can commonly download the most recent driver from the maker of your sound point of interaction. On a Windows PC, you may likewise automatically look for the most recent driver by opening the Control Panel. Click on the Start Menu and afterward open the Control AAE Error 6117. You can then open the Device Manager. With the Device Manager open, grow the segment marked “Sound, Video, and Game Controllers”.

Scan through the rundown of gadgets for your sound point of interaction. Right-click on your connection point and select “Properties”. The discourse box that opens ought to contain four tabs. Click on the Driver tab.

On this discourse screen, you ought to see the driver supplier, date, and adaptation. There is likewise a button to refresh the driver. This permits you to introduce a driver from a CD or search online for a driver.


The AAE Error 6117 message is irritating. After the most recent Pro Tools refreshes, it is doubtful to happen. However, certain individuals actually run into this error code.

Assuming you experience the AAE 6117 error code, you ought to initially guarantee that your drivers are refreshed. The subsequent choice is to introduce the ASIO4ALL all inclusive sound driver.

At the point when the past choices don’t work, you can have a go at crippling all playback and recording gadgets. Whenever the Playback Engine window springs up, ensure that you select the ASIO4ALL driver.

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