How To Check my WWCC Status

Anybody who works up close and personal with kids in a paid, independently employed or willful limit, should have a Working with Children Check (WWCC) freedom, except if they meet all requirements for an exclusion. A Check my WWCC Status includes a National Police Check (criminal history record check) and a survey of reportable working environment unfortunate behavior. The result of a check is either a freedom to work with kids, or a bar against working with youngsters.

Whenever cleared, a check is legitimate for a very long time, however cleared candidates are ceaselessly monitored. To confirm that somebody has a Check my WWCC Status, you can do so on the web. Managers in these sector bunches should guarantee existing representatives and volunteers in kid related work have applied for a Working With Children Check before 31 March, and businesses should then confirm their application (APP) or freedom (WWC) number on the web.

On finish of your Working with Children Check, you were sent an email prompting that you were not denied from working with kids. This email contained your Working with Rename a Directory on Linux. This number, alongside your complete name, as given to the screening unit on application, can be given to a business so they can approve your Working with Children Check status. In the event that you can’t find that email, you can enter your subtleties underneath and get your Working with Children Check ID disdain to you.


You can check the WWCC status of the accompanying paid, independently employed or intentional:

How do I check that my staff have supplied their WWCC number © NSW Department of Education | Working with Children Check Compliance Requirements. 17 November
  • sitters
  • caretakers
  • tutors/music educators
  • brandishing mentors
  • au matches
  • home carers
  • youngster carers.

What you need

  • their name
  • their date of birth
  • their WWCC number, or
  • application number (if appropriate)
  • your name
  • your email address.

How to check

  • Select the ‘Check online’ button.
  • Select in the event that you are confirming as a business or a parent.
  • Complete the internet based structure.
  • Select ‘Submit’.

You’ll get an email with the status of that individual’s WWCC.

More data

You’ll get an email itemizing the individual’s Check my WWCC Status as ‘cleared’, ‘banished’ or ‘not found’.

Check my WWCC Status

  • ‘Cleared’ signifies the individual is cleared to work with youngsters.
  • ‘Banished’ signifies the individual can’t work with youngsters, whether paid or neglected. Try not to recruit this individual. It’s an offense to employ a banished specialist for youngster related work.
  • ‘Not found’ signifies there was no matching outcome in light of the fact that their subtleties were placed erroneously, or their application was removed, ended, or not finished. It’s an offense to employ somebody who doesn’t have a WWCC.

The NSW regulation permits guardians and other direct relations, (for example, kin, grandparent, step-parent, uncle) to chip in exercises that include their own kids, without requiring a Working with Children Check.

How would I check my NSW Wwcc?

Before you employ a new, kid related specialist, you should confirm the status of their Working With Children Check online to guarantee they have a leeway to work with kids, or have an ongoing application. Go to Pick ‘Business sign in and confirm’ from the Verify segment.

What amount of time does a WWCC recharging require for NSW?

Restoration applications go through a similar screening process as new Check my WWCC Status and can take time. If it’s not too much trouble, permit somewhere around a month from when you visit Service NSW prior to reaching us about your recharging application.

Might you at any point reestablish your WWCC on the web?

To recharge your WWCC leeway or to refresh your subtleties kindly access . Individuals can likewise call the OCG customer administration.

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