Brilliant Smart Home Control Reviews

The Brilliant Control ($299) is a novel wall change that utilizes Wi-Fi to associate with and control different smart gadgets in your home. It has a 5-inch variety contact screen with easy to understand button controls that let you play music, control lighting, set thermostat temperatures, and see who is at your entryway, in addition to other things.

It works with numerous well known smart home stages including smart home control reviews, Home, Philips Tint, Ring, and Sonos, and it has implicit Amazon Alexa voice support that permits it to do nearly everything a Reverberation gadget can do. It’s genuinely expensive and requires wiring information to introduce, yet it’s a smart expansion to an innovative home.

As somebody who searches under any circumstance to add smart innovation around the home, Brilliant’s Home Control(opens in new tab) Smart Garage Door Opener Installation substitution has been on my radar for a seriously significant time-frame. Be that as it may, with an exceptional sticker price, and absence of help for Apple’s HomeKit, I was always unable to think of a support for one of the Controls, despite the fact that they have consistently looked just so darn astounding.

This all changed a long time prior however when was reached by Brilliant Smart Home Control Reviews HomeKit redesign, and was offered the chance to try out its help before it went live. In the wake of introducing two single switch variations, and subsequent to playing with all that they bring to the table, I can sincerely say that I shouldn’t have dozed on the switches. It’s surely not a great fit for everybody, but rather on the off chance that you have gotten involved with the smart home frenzy, it could be the light switch of your fantasies.

Design and Features

The Brilliant Control board replaces a wall light switch and uses a similar wiring (load, nonpartisan, ground) as most switches. We checked on the single switch model, which controls one light (straightforwardly), yet Brilliant offers two-switch ($349), three-switch ($399), and four-switch models ($449). It’s extremely simple to introduce, yet it requires switching off capacity to the circuit, eliminating the old switch, and wiring the Brilliant Smart Home Control, so in the event that you’re not happy with electrical wiring, you ought to recruit an expert to finish the work.

The single switch has a 5-inch variety contact show with a 1,280 by 720 goal that fills in as a symbol based control board for gadgets that are matched with the framework. At the point when not being used, you can have it go dull or go about as a photograph outline. Over the screen are a movement sensor, an encompassing light sensor, and a 720p camera.

The movement sensor can be utilized to consequently turn on the light that the board is wired to, and the light sensor is there for sometime later. The camera is utilized for video radio visits with other introduced Brilliant boards, and has a shade that you can close for security.

Drawbacks to Voice Control

Brilliant Smart Home Control Reviews

Voice control is great, but it’s not always practical. It’s not great for checking the status of things then taking an action, for instance, if you’re not sure you left the light on in the attic, you can’t really ask Alexa, you can only ask her to turn it on or off.

Naming things can also get complicated – for us, we have so many things that we forget what we called them – especially for things like an attic light that we don’t use a lot. We also have rooms with multiple smart switches (Alexa turn on Breakfast light. A few things share the name Breakfast Light, which one did you want?)

Finally, it can be awkward for guests. Not all of our guests are down with Alexa, and some think she’s just plain creepy. The guest room is one of the only rooms in our house without an Amazon Echo and we don’t want to have to train our guests in our complicated Alexa language.

Making sure everything works together

Brilliant Smart Home Control Reviews

In our early days of using smart home technology, one of the things we really liked about our first Wink smart home hub was that the company really worked hard to make sure that other company’s smart home products worked with their platform.

Products at Home Depot had little stickers that said “Works with Wink” and if you had a problem, you could call their tech support and a real human would help you troubleshoot your smart bulb, switch or other compatible product. Wink even had a Wink Relay, an in-wall mounted display that looked a lot like a Smart Home Control.

Lately it seems smart home hubs have pushed these integrations and support calls back onto the companies who make the other products or onto the consumer to follow complex procedures and download drivers to make them work.

Brilliant certainly doesn’t support everything out there, but for the products they do, they spend a lot of time making sure it works out of the box and providing great instructions and support for their customers. And they respond to their customers’ needs by focusing on the products their customers ask for.

Great for New Home Builders and Buyers

There are a lot of new home developments in our area and we love to go and walk through them and see what kind of smart home technology they are installing. Over the last few years they’ve started adding some optional packages that include smart locks, doorbells and voice assistants, but rarely do these packages seem well thought-out and when we ask questions, the sales people quickly run out of answers, hand us a flyer and move on to easier customers.

We understand that the builders are hesitant to include technology as part of a standard package with a new home, and generally like to avoid things that incur more costs or warranty calls from new homeowners. But as more and more consumers not only want, but expect smart home features, these products can be great selling features for new homes.

Brilliant has recognized that and designed their smart home control with builders in mind. It’s got a great, shallow-box, easy to install design, and it allows the Brilliant Smart Home Control Reviews to be installed easily with the rest of the electrical switches in a new home without extra steps. Without the front panel, the electrician can install the box and test the switches with a simple button to make sure they work. Then when the homeowner takes over they can install the front panel and the app on their phone and get started.

Installation and Performance

Brilliant Smart Home Control Reviews

I’ve introduced endless light switches, so introducing the Home Control was simple for me. I shut off the breaker to the circuit that controls my current light switch, eliminated the switch cover, and snapped a photo of the wiring for future reference. I eliminated the old switch and wired the Brilliant switch by associating the white wire to the unbiased terminal, dark to the heap terminal, and green to the ground terminal, and protected them with the included wire nuts.

I joined the change to the posse box utilizing the included screws, connected the faceplate, and reestablished capacity to the circuit. The board controlled up right away and in something like 30 seconds a screen showed up with a rundown of accessible Wi-Fi SSIDs. I chose my home Wi-Fi, entered my secret key, and was associated in no time. Then, I entered my email address, made a record, and confirmed it utilizing the code shipped off my email address.

I gave the framework a name, chose my time region, gave the switch a room area and name, and designed it to turn the light that it was associated with on and off and go about as a dimmer. Then, I entered my Alexa account data and was all set.

The Ring Master doorbell association was my number one component. At the point when the doorbell was squeezed, live video was transferred to the Brilliant board with buttons to acknowledge or excuse the call. On the off chance that you acknowledge, you can have a two-way discussion with the individual at the entryway. At the point when the Brilliant board is matched with a SmartThings Center, you might open the entryway in the event that you have a smart lock associated with the center point. It additionally works straightforwardly with August locks, similar to the Smart Lock Master.

Brilliant smart home controller establishment: Some wiring required

In the event that you’re happy with stopping the power in your home, utilizing a voltage analyzer and trading out plugs and switches, you shouldn’t have an issue introducing the Brilliant Smart Home Control Reviews. It replaces a solitary light switch, and, generally speaking, ought to take under 30 minutes to introduce.

For my situation, the weighty measure copper wiring in my home didn’t fit safely into the screw-in association focuses on the rear of the Brilliant controller. So I needed to add the provided augmentations that pre-owned more slender check wires. That actually multiplied how much wiring that must be tucked back inside the switch’s electrical box, making it hard to pack it back into the wall. In the event that you experience what is going on, you might require a container extender (or longer screws) to make the controller fit appropriately.

Activity: Smart however not brilliant

Since the Brilliant controller replaces a light switch, it’s most importantly a truly wise light switch. Swiping down on the screen will turn the lights on and swiping up switches the lights out. The interaction is fast and effective.

You can likewise utilize the application to control the associated light from a distance. Brilliant has an inherent movement locator that can be empowered to turn on the lights consequently and afterward switch them off following 5 minutes of latency. It’s a convenient component I used to set off a light at the highest point of the steps where I typically need to mishandle for the switch. Brilliant can likewise go about as movement set off night light so you don’t stagger around in obscurity.

Brilliant’s 1280 x 720 variety show can likewise be turned here and there utilizing the movement sensor. It’s a helpful choice in the event that you don’t need the LCD screen on constantly. On the other hand, you can involve it as computerized photo placement, showing a slideshow of reflective photographs. Brilliant Smart Home Control Reviews supplies a prearranged set of photographs, including shots of scenes and doggy, yet you can transfer your own photographs from your telephone in the event that you like. The Brilliant application will try and permit you to focus and trim the photographs to fit the upward screen of the controller. Smart. Ideal for guardians need photos of their children in plain view.

Smart home similarity

As of this audit, Brilliant can work with Ring, Sonos, Philips Tint, Google Colleague, Alexa, SmartThings, Ecobee and Honeywell Verse smart-home gadgets. That is a good beginning, however substantially more is required. It’s likewise one of the most amazing Apple HomeKit items.

You can utilize Brilliant to arrange smart gadgets to work in show. These scenes can be labeled for “Sleep time” or “Morning,” for instance, to turn on lights, music and intensity when you get up. For the occasion, it’s not appallingly adaptable, nonetheless, given the set number of viable items.

The equivalent might be said to describe Brilliant’s controllers. At the point when you’re away from home, you can’t turn your Sonos music on and off utilizing the smart-telephone application. Be that as it may, you can get to and change other gadgets, like lighting and warming. Each component must be empowered by Brilliant, which says it plans to add more distant capacities in the future consistently.

Brilliant Smart Home Control Reviews

Brilliant models

Notwithstanding the touch-screen-just model I tried, Brilliant Smart Home Control likewise makes a controller with the touch screen and two touch-delicate slider controls for $349. These sliders can be utilized to diminish lights, or be designed to raise and lower the volume of an associated speaker. Likewise accessible are boards with three sliders ($399) and four sliders ($449).

Bottom Line

Assuming you’re looking for a switch that will control a large portion of your smart gadgets, the Brilliant Smart Home Control Reviews is surely worth a look. Its variety contact show gives a lot of space to swiping to control lights, and it works with a considerable lot of the most well known smart home gadgets from organizations like Home, Philips, Ring, and Sonos.

Adding new gadgets is generally simple, however the board can’t get to specific highlights and settings for certain gadgets. An all the more remarkable speaker with the capacity to play music would be a decent expansion, as would the capacity to get to a whole music library rather than just playlists. All things considered, the Brilliant Control functioned admirably in our testing, and will assist with making your smart home considerably smarter.

There is a lot to like about the Brilliant controller. Its design and overall approach provides many advantages over competing smart speakers and dedicated hubs. The Brilliant controller can be operated without a smartphone, for example. Its motion sensor is invaluable, and its display makes it easy for other family members to use it without you having to provide continual tech support. Built-in Alexa services make it even brainier.

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