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There is a good deal of disagreement among home cooks around which cutting board stuff is greatest. This article is about Best Wood For Cutting Boards. There is plastic, which may go in the dishwasher but is very likely to acquire deep grooves which may harbor germs. Then there is glass, which we don’t recommend (it will dull your knives very fast!) , rubber, and mix. And there is wood.

We are going to attempt to cover the gaps (there is badly so much to say!) , then we will have a look at the wood cutting board hints from different sites. And we will weigh in with our closing two pennies.

1. KITOP Large & Extra-Thick Bamboo Cutting Boards

Acquire the ideal space to chop veggies and meat as soon as you get this extra-large Bamboo Cutting Board. The board was created utilizing the highest-quality all-natural bamboo to ensure strength. The bamboo is sterile and created without formaldehyde or BPA to guarantee you of security.

What’s more, the grips make it an ideal addition to little spaces, with in mind which it is possible to hang it on the wall . The board contains carved grooves developed to catch runaway vegetable or meat juices. In addition, it sports an extra-large surface which lets you separate unique meals. The board comes with a soft wooden coating to shield knives from becoming dull.

2. HHXRISE Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

HHXRISE Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

By HHXRISE we’ve got this big cutting board. It’s made with 100% organic bamboo. The Bamboo wood is antifungal, antifungal, and antibacterial to boost security. Adding to this, the board includes a sleek polish that shields the knife cutting edge from becoming blunt. The cutting board comprises three built-in and different compartments on both sides so you can divide the vegetables. Additionally, there’s an integrated juice groove. The groove blocks juices out of vegetables and meat, shielding it from flowing into the countertop. You are able to use the plank as a serving board due to the tray holder on either side.

3. Teakhaus Large Wooden Rectangle Carving Board with Hand Grip

Teakhaus Large Wooden Rectangle Carving Board with Hand Grip

We are not going to attempt understand the pricing . Cook’s Illustrated chose a comparable board to Wirecutter’s selection (too Teakhaus), but that one is a bit bigger and a couple of bucks cheaper. This edge-grain board proceeds to win the best spot whenever Cook’s Illustrated revisits their examining since it is smooth, perfectly tough (not too hard and not too soft), reversible, big yet light enough to maneuver, easy to keep, and much more. It is durable and resists cracking, flaking, and discoloration (again, since it is teak).

4. Sonder Los Angeles Large American Walnut Wood Cutting Board

Sonder Los Angeles Large American Walnut Wood Cutting Board

The Big American Walnut Wood Cutting Board is also an ideal pick for a cutting board that’s durable and resistant to stains. It’s made with sustainably-sourced rich American Dark Walnut comprising vibrant Cherry and Oak accents. Because of this, it is possible to get it when searching to get an appealing cutting board. In addition to this, the board is completed utilizing 100% food-grade mineral oil to boost strength.

The board includes a reversible design so you may use both sides for chopping and prepping. It is available in a beautifully presented box that makes it a fantastic gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, engagements, housewarmings, or weddings.

5. Royal Craft Wood EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

Royal Craft Wood EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

Keep a classy kitchen as soon as you include Royal Craft’s Bamboo Cutting Board. This board comes with a stunning design which makes it an ideal addition to any kitchen countertop. It’s made using Bamboo that is a natural substance with no stains or dyes so it does not irritate your own cuts. The board comprises side handles which let it double as a menu. In addition to this, it sports an integrated drip grove made to maintain the juice that drips out of meat, fruits, and veggies. The board’s substance is knife-friendly, meaning you don’t need to fret about blunt knives after creating the cuts.

6. Walnut Cutting Board

6. Walnut Cutting Board

We’ve got Mevell’s walnut cutting board. The board was created with black walnut wood to guarantee you of obtaining a lasting cutting board. Additionally, it features drip groves developed to trap fluids so you will not ever need to think about fluids which fall on the countertop following cutting. The board’s wood includes a dark and wealthy Hue finish, making it an ideal addition to most kitchen decors and one of the best wood anniversary gifts for your loved one. It will not dull the knives eliminating the requirement for sharpening your knives often.

7. Maple The Best Wood Cutting Board

Maple The Best Wood Cutting Board




The walnut has been among the most well-known kinds of woods for use in chopping boards. Maple boasts a light shade and a very delicate grain which will help to give it a more neutral appearance. Maple cutting boards are certain to look good in just about any kitchen.

Discovering the proper walnut

While browsing for a maple cutting board, it’s essential to know about the various sorts of walnut. This sort of maple is particularly hard and won’t scratch quite easily.

Actually, hard maple is much more scratch-resistant than beech, walnut, as well as teak. But this wood won’t blunt knives quite easily, which means that you are able to apply lots of pressure.

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