NutriChopper Best Review – Is it same as seen on TV ?

NutriChopper is a 5-in-1 handheld food chopper, with four cutting edges than can be utilized in different designs. The screen capture beneath shows how the item site glanced in September 2019.

While the Vidalia may have a somewhat bigger surface territory, the NutriChopper Best Review offers greater flexibility through various edge setups. You can make wedges, cuts, dices, and Julienne cuts. The first Vidalia, then again, just permits two unique kinds of dicing, and the handiness of the more modest of the two is minimal, best case scenario.

Quit hacking vegetables each cut in turn with the As Observed On television Nutri Chopper, the unimaginable, smaller, handheld kitchen slicer that cuts your vegetables with only one snap! The specialists at Nutri Chopper have consolidated five distinctive compatible cutting choices into one super slicer, so now you can hack thick cuts, slight cuts, solid shapes and that’s just the beginning! Nutri Chopper is multiple times quicker than your old blades, simpler to utilize, and dishwasher safe.

A cucumber compared in size to the NutriChopper

At the point when I originally observed promotions for NutriChopper, I was promptly helped to remember the Vidalia Slash Wizard, which initially publicized intensely in 2006. I concluded I would get the NutriChopper and the first Vidalia Slash Wizard (not one of the later forms that is likewise accessible) to think about Silver bullet Pocket hose reviews the two. The two choppers work by squeezing the top onto food, which is then squeezed through cutting edges. Both incorporate a capacity holder and sharp edges that can be handily traded out. There are likewise contrasts between the two, in any case. NutriChopper’s sharp edge region is about 2.5 inches square, while the Vidalia is about 3.25 inches square.

This doesn’t appear to be a huge distinction, however in my tests, I found that the NutriChopper required more food to be chopped down to measure than the Vidalia. The two choppers recommend removing the finishes of foods grown from the ground to make a level surface that will be all the more handily squeezed through the cutting edges. NutriChopper incorporates a lock to keep the handle shut while not being used. Directions additionally state to utilize two hands as opposed to only one when squeezing food through the cutting edges.

I analyzed 7 unique things in the two choppers: cucumber, apple, potato, onion, tomato, hard-bubbled eggs, and cheddar. The cucumber must be cut it into more modest pieces for the NutriChopper than for the Vidalia, and I felt like the last required marginally less power than the NutriChopper. In spite of the fact that I felt that both performed sufficiently, I gave a slight edge to the Vidalia because of less power needed to cut.

An apple cut down to fit into the NutriChopper

The hardest food thing I tried was a potato. I cut the closures off and stripped it to augment the viability of the hacking edges. In this nutri chopper storage containers examination, the two choppers performed about the equivalent.

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A red onion test was presumably my generally disillusioning for the two choppers. When I had a size that fit, it required huge solidarity to dice, yet significantly less power to cut. The Vidalia was likewise a battle to dice the onion.

NutriChopper’s slices the Vidalia Chop the tomato.

My last two tests were hard bubbled eggs and cheddar. I found that both of those went more easily than the greater part of different things I attempted. Cheddar cuts were uniform and generally simple to press through. The NutriChopper, while diced cheddar ended up good overall in the Vidalia, despite.

My greatest grievance with the NutriChopper is that. It has such a little surface region that sometimes it requires huge managing of food to fit. Whenever I’ve cut it up that much, I can’t help thinking about. Why i simply don’t put in a couple of additional seconds cutting. The remainder of it with my gourmet specialist’s blade. I likewise felt that even decently hard food, for example, onions made me battle to crush. The thing through the sharp edges.

How to Utilize (Step by Step)

Embed Picked Connection

Before you can begin utilizing your Nutrichopper, you’ll have to embed one of the four included connections. The one you pick ought to rely upon what sort of food you need to cut (and how). As insinuated above, you’ll have the option to cut meat, cheddar, an egg, a natural product, or a vegetable into thick strips, dainty strips, blocks, or wedges, contingent upon your chose connection. Be certain that you embed the connection into the lower part of the instrument’s “mouth” (the top ought to be strong orange) and try not to contact its sharp edges as you do as such.

Prepare Cutting Board

At the point when you begin cutting food with this device, you’ll require somewhere to get the pieces, so before you start, you ought to prepare a cutting board before you. Then again, on the off chance that you don’t have a cutting board, or would prefer not to utilize one, you can get a bowl, a plate, or another piece of kitchenware prepared to get the food that you’ll cut.

Place Food in Gadget

To start cutting a specific food thing, embed it in the device’s mouth, straightforwardly between the connection you added and the more strong top. While clutching the handle of the apparatus with your prevailing hand, get the front edge of the furthest edge of the device with the other hand. Following that, push the mouth shut so the sharp edges of the device interact with the food inside. This will make cuts of food fall onto your cutting board or elective piece of kitchenware underneath.

Rehash Interaction (discretionary)

Then, rehash the past step to cut up as need might arise to. In the event that you cut any meat or dairy items, it’s smart to wash the apparatus with water each time you switch things, particularly assuming you’ll be cutting natural products or veggies a while later.

Tidy up

At the point when you’re finished with your cutting device for to some degree a short time, you can either flush it in your sink or spot it in the top rack of your dishwasher.



At about a similar size as a hair straightener or electric hair curling accessory, the Nutrichopper is a genuinely minimal kitchen device. Besides, the idea about the finish of every one is thin sufficient that your hand ought to feel great while clinging to it, but at the same time it’s adequately thick to permit you to control the device actually.

Orange and Dark

This device is chiefly dark, with orange connections for cutting and orange accents on the top. The orange accents might permit you to recognize the device whenever you really want to utilize it, regardless of whether it’s being put away among a huge number of cooking wares.


The Nutrichopper is fueled totally by the human hand, and that implies you won’t ever require batteries or power to work yours. That implies you’ll have the option to utilize it practically anyplace, regardless of whether you have no batteries close by and no admittance to an accessible outlet. Utilizing it every now and again additionally won’t make you drive up your power bill.

Tradable Connections

The four connections that each device accompanies can be exchanged volatile right away. Every one will empower you to cut various bits of food, from six thick cuts to a sum of 30 more modest solid shapes. Each cutting edge inside every connection is made of treated steel, which is usually known as a sharp, excellent sort of material.

Locks for Capacity

You’ll see that on the highest point of your Nutrichopper, there’s a little orange button that is formed like a half-moon. In the event that you press this button descending, you’ll have the option to lock your gadget when you store it away in a cabinet (or elsewhere). Like that, it won’t suddenly fly open and cut somebody’s hand assuming they end up getting it, and within additionally won’t wind up canvassed in residue or soil from the extra room.

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