The Best Types of People To Get To Know At Work

We all know that feeling a little too well when it is getting to the end of the day and realize you maybe should have eaten a tad more than a side salad. And it would always seem these are the days you have no cash on you for the vending machine down the hall.

This is why it is always essential to find that one person who is always going to have some types of snacks stashed away in a drawer or locker. Just be polite and not always be taking, offer some treats in return!

The Office Socialite

If you are not the type of individual who is usually in the loop of what is going on, you need to find the individual who is. You want to be able to know when there are going to be company events, co-worker get-togethers, and any other fun venues that you would like to take part in.

While this is obviously going to help make you new friends in your department, it will also help you branch out and meet other people in various departments, which can really help to accelerate your own job growth.

The IT Guys

We all have those Monday mornings that feels as though everything has been working against us, the last thing you want to see is that dreaded blue screen of death on your desk monitor. While it is always possible to place a ticket in to support and be held hostage until you get an answer, you want other options, before your workload increases in an exponential manner.

The better solution is to find the individual in the office who just so happens to know their way around the computer and network and would be able to help you get through the current computer roadblock without having to call in the IT brigade. You might find that they can solve the problem within minutes and you will be good to go.

The Mentor

It is always great to have a mentor available at work to help discuss your professional development. Those working in social work find a mentor to be very helpful while they are starting out. However, there will be some issues that you do not need that true mentor relationship and just could use the advice of an older work sibling. These are the people in the office who are experienced and can help you out on the day to day issues. In many cases, this individual has been with the company a number of years or may even hold a higher position and know slightly more about the company than you do.

Types of People To Get To Know At Work

The Office Volunteer

We have all had those deadlines that come up much sooner than expected and it seems as though we are not going to be able to make it. And we know if that deadline is missed, it is not going to be good for anyone.

This is when that one dependable office volunteer arrives to offer assistance and save the day. Even if they are ready to leave for the weekend, they will hold off all plans and help you out. Additionally, they will never hold their offer of assistance over your head or expect anything in return.

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