Which Update is Going on in Minecraft Launcher

Begin by opening the Minecraft launcher. On the off chance that you don’t have the launcher you can download it here. The launcher ought to naturally show you the most recent delivery. In the event that not, press the bolt to one side of the play button and select “Most recent Delivery”. Simple! Open up Application Store or Google Play on your gadget and quest for “Update is Going on in Minecraft Launcher”.

On the off chance that you own Minecraft as of now you ought to be incited to update Minecraft in the event that it isn’t now updated. In the event that you have the most recent version installed simply press “Open” and play!

I attempted to update my minecraft launcher today however it gives me a bizarre blunder “0x803FB103”,if I close the updater and open it again, it works yet its stuck on “Minecraft Launcher Black Screen “,i truly need assistance since I cannot settle this.

On the off chance that indeed, this post is certain to assist you with fixing it. This is a mistake message that most clients are receiving while at the same time downloading the most recent Minecraft updates through the Minecraft Launcher. A few clients have likewise retried installing the updates yet they got a similar blunder message without fail.

With the second piece of the Update is Going on in Minecraft Launcher scheduled to show up soon, Minecraft fans have a great deal to anticipate in the coming days. In the midst of that, another update has been delivered which rolls out a few interesting improvements to Minecraft Launcher.

How to Get The New Minecraft Launcher?

Minecraft’s most recent launcher is very novel on the grounds that besides the fact that it adds an all-new UI, yet additionally makes it a lot simpler for players to open the different Minecraft games.

This launcher binds together Update is Going on in Minecraft Launcher, Minecraft Windows, and Minecraft Java Edition as well as Bedrock under one rooftop, so that implies you don’t have to have separate launchers for this multitude of games in request to play them. A seriously decent update right, yet how would you get it?Update is Going on in Minecraft Launcher

Indeed, it isn’t so difficult. First up, you should simply ensure you have a Microsoft Record and are signed in with something similar on the Microsoft Store on your PC. This is an obligatory necessity since you can not download this launcher without this.

Following up, you want to make a beeline for the Microsoft Store on your Windows PC and afterward look for Minecraft Launcher. The Minecraft Launcher will appear in the Pursuit and you really want to tap on it and afterward download it. Once the Minecraft Launcher is downloaded, you can get to it whenever using the Windows Search bar.

Essentially search Minecraft Launcher and it will bring it up. Once you have the Launcher ready, you will actually want to get to each of the three games from that point itself. This is a seriously decent element, and many fans have been asking for this for a significant length of time.

How would I update my Minecraft Launcher on PC?

To Update is Going on in Minecraft Launcher, open Microsoft Store and snap on the three horizontal specks on the upper right side. Select Downloads and Updates. Presently, click on the Get Updates button. From that point onward, Windows will check all the installed applications for updates. Assuming the update is accessible for any application (including Minecraft), it begins installing the updates.

In the event that you are a Windows 11 client, open Microsoft Store and snap Library from the left side and afterward click on the Get updates button.

Assuming that you have Minecraft JAVA Edition on your PC, open the Minecraft Launcher and it will naturally download the most recent delivery (if accessible). In the event that not, click on the bolt to one side of the play button and afterward click Most recent Delivery.

Assuming your internet connection speed is slow, you might encounter issues while updating Minecraft. Another reason why Minecraft doesn’t update is antivirus programming. It is conceivable that your antivirus is blocking Minecraft because of which you can’t update it. To get this issue settled, basically disable your antivirus briefly and afterward update Minecraft.

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