Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands SHiFT codes – Free Skeleton Keys (June 2022)


Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is filled with in-game stuff to do and objects to search out, however some may be discovered of the sport by way of codes. In case you are on the lookout for some free loot like skins, weapons, gear, and extra, you’ll want to hold a watch out for codes as they launch.

Codes normally have an expiration date connected to them, so be sure you redeem them earlier than they expire. In any other case, you could miss out on cool gear and free stuff! Try the official Gearbox Twitter for extra data on Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Up to date June 3, 2022

Added new code

All Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Codes Record

All Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Codes (Working)

  • 3BRTJ-5K659-K5355-BTB3T-633F3—Redeem for 1 Skeleton Key (New) [Expires June 9]
  • W9CJT-5XJTB-RRKRS-FTJ3T-BTRKK—Redeem for 3 Skeleton Keys
  • 3BRJT-BB55Z-KW3C5-J3BJT-R3FRT—Redeem for a Skeleton Key
  • BTXT3-W3H6J-6CBCW-JBTJJ-XZW9F—Redeem for 10 Skeleton Keys

All Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Codes (Expired)

These codes are now not obtainable and cannot be redeemed anymore.

  • TBRJJ-TW659-W5B5C-T3B3J-3BTBK—Redeem for 1 Skeleton Key (New)
  • T3R33-9BRWH-KKBKW-B3TTB-36TBF—Redeem for a Skeleton Key (New, Expires 5/19)
  • 3TX3T-5T6CH-KKB5W-T3BTB-JCR53—Redeem for a Skeleton Key
  • 3T63J-FWWKS-WKJWW-BJJTJ-TB3FZ—Redeem for a Skeleton Key
  • TB6JJ-SST5Z-5KT5C-JBJB3-XHS9K—Redeem for a Skeleton Key
  • JJRJB-CS3WZ-WWTW5-33BJT-JZ9RJ—Redeem for a Skeleton Key
  • B3F3J-3S3KZ-CWBWC-BTT3T-SHF5F—Redeem for a Skeleton Key
  • TBX3T-96TCZ-K53WC-BBTBB-THXJT—Redeem for a Skeleton Key
  • BTX3T-6RTWZ-K5BW5-3BBB3-3TFCZ—Redeem for a Skeleton Key
  • BTFTB-RSJKZ-WWB5C-T3JJT-BS36S—Redeem for a Skeleton Key
  • TB6BT-SWJCS-WKTK5-3B3B3-5BJW9—Redeem for a Skeleton Key
  • B36T3-KSZ6F-K5TKK-JJ3B3-B6B3J—Redeem for a Skeleton Key
  • JBRTT-BZH6F-CC3W5-3TTTB-XB9HH—Redeem for a Skeleton Key

Methods to redeem Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Codes

Picture by way of Gearbox and SHiFT

There are two methods to redeem codes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. You may both redeem them in-game by way of the Social tab on the primary menu, or you need to use the SHiFT web site. Each would require you to have a SHiFT account and hyperlink it to your gaming platform.

Copy and paste the code from this web page into the textual content area on the SHiFT web site. If the code nonetheless works, you’re going to get a message saying the code was redeemed. If the code is now not lively, you’re going to get a message saying the code didn’t work.

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