The complete story of Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted


Ever since Future 2 has switched from a strictly expansion-based story mannequin to a seasonal one, the sport has turn into a constantly gratifying expertise. Nonetheless, it may be exhausting to maintain up with these continually launched story parts, particularly for followers who wish to take lengthy breaks from the sport. So, here’s a abstract of what occurred in the course of the Season of the Haunted storyline.

Future 2 Season of the Haunted story abstract


What occurred within the Season of the Haunted story throughout Week 1?

We start by discovering out that Calus has introduced his Leviathan to the Moon, the place he hopes to commune with the dormant Pyramid of Darkness. The Vanguard decides to mobilize the H.E.L.M. and confront Calus and the Moon’s Nightmares head-on.

Your first mission is to go aboard the now derelict Leviathan and ensure if Calus has made a reference to the Pyramid. You discover the as soon as Opulent ship now stuffed with Phantoms of the Pyramid and lined within the Egregore Fungus that plagued the Glykon Volatus ship of the Presage quest. Throughout this mission, you’ll encounter a Phantom referred to as the Nightmare of Safiyah. She’s going to lead you thru the remainder of the mission till you attain a lure left by Calus. You handle to flee safely and flee the Leviathan.

After safely returning to the H.E.L.M. Eris Morn explains to Zavala and Caiatl that the Pyramid is stirring for the Leviathan. It’s now manifesting the Guardian’s deepest regrets and fears. Eris Morn performs a Hive ritual with Zavala and The Crow, to aim to bind their respective Nightmares inside their our bodies. We see Safiyah behind Zavala and Uldren Sov behind The Crow in the course of the ritual. We’re then proven that although Caiatl didn’t participate within the ritual, her Nightmare, Ghaul, seems behind her.

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You head into the Leviathan’s Underbelly with Crow within the Sever- Disgrace mission as you attempt to deal the primary lower in severing Calus’s reference to the Darkness. You’ll place Ritual amplifiers as you make your technique to the severance web site. Eris Morn explains to Crow that Nightmares will manifest right here and that they’ll take the type of Uldren Sov.

All all through the mission, the Nightmare of Uldren berates Crow to attempt to get in his head. Crow is at first protecting his cool, however shortly turns into aggravated and loses management. Crow is unable to finish the Severence Ritual as he’s afraid to repeat Uldrens previous errors.

After talking to Crow after the mission, you discover that he’s starting to appreciate what have to be carried out. He states that he used to inform himself lies about who he was and the place he got here from, however that’s precisely what Uldren did and it’s time to just accept the reality and transfer on.

Eris Morn explains that the state of affairs is far more dire than initially thought and that the Levithan has turn into an extension of the Lunar Pyramid. She’s going to prepared Crow for the following confrontation.

What occurred within the Season of the Haunted story throughout Week 2?

Eris Morn explains that we tried the final ritual within the fallacious approach. The reply shouldn’t be denial, we can not merely exterminate these Nightmares. We should settle for them and use the Darknesses personal weapon towards itself. She believes that acceptance can succeed the place rejection failed.

You come to the Leviathan Underbelly with Crow to aim the ritual as soon as once more within the mission Sever – Reconciliation. Crow is a bit down about how his final ritual mainly set us again to sq. one, nevertheless, he’s fast to return to being optimistic. Uldren continues to berate Crow all through your entire mission. Crow stays a lot calmer this time round and explains that he’s able to face no matter might come his approach with the intention to full the ritual.

After starting the ritual once more and defeating the Fanatic, Crow is able to full the ritual. He tells Uldren that he has accepted who he as soon as was and that studying from Uldren’s errors will assist to ensure he by no means teeters over the sting. The ritual is profitable, and the Leviathan’s connection to the Pyramid frays.

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Assembly with Crow after the mission, he explains that that is what he was reborn into the Gentle for. He’s to proper Uldren’s wrongs and in doing so forge his personal path. He even discusses masking a few of Cayde’s previous patrols and probably taking his place because the Hunter Vanguard if they’ll let him.

If you meet with Eris Morn, she explains that Darkness can be utilized for good. She states that Uldren was as a lot part of Crow because the Darkness is part of you and me. Via the bond with the Crown of Sorrow, we can use the Nightmares towards Calus.

Caiatl provides you a standing replace on her findings. She has discovered that the Leviathan for. time frame existed in an anomaly between the identified and unknown dimensions. It returned, most of the Loyalists had been lifeless, and the Egregore Fungus had taken over all decks. On the request of Valus Forge, Crow will help them in a joint investigative mission.

We’ll proceed to replace this information till the season story involves an in depth.

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