Stanley Smart Measure Pro – Portable Measurement Device Review

Despite the fact that that statement wasn’t made with regards to painting, as expected considering he fostered the Kelvin scale that is not a colossal jump on my part, it actually says a lot concerning how significant numbers really are-And the main way you can get Stanley Smart Measure Pro Review for a paint work is to take measurements.

The STANLEY Smart Measure Pro is an instrument and application that promptly provides exact measurements of regions captured in pictures taken on cell phones. This efficient instrument right away provides right aspects and exact assessments of how much material will be expected to finish a project.

Snap a pic of anything with your smartphone or tablet, and this state of the art instrument right away provides you with exact measurements and a right gauge of how much material you want for your project.

The Smart Measure Pro is an extraordinary Smart Theater VR Headset Review when assessment is fundamental to taking care of business. It’s ideally suited for working out workable surface regions, deciding how much siding required, ascertaining window size or estimating building aspects.

Have those numbers readily available in only four simple tasks. In the first place, connect the Smart Measure Pro to your cell phone and sync it with the application. Then, snap an image. The Smart Measure Pro will consequently measure the stature, width and region of what’s chosen in the image. Then, at that point, the client can review and store the measurements, or offer them to a work area or the Cloud.

The Product

Allow me to acquaint you with the Stanley Smart Measure Pro Review. It joins to the rear of your telephone with cushioned arms and associates over Bluetooth. After you adjust the eye of the laser, which requires around ten minutes, you approach 2 essential estimating choices.

  • A laser that measures a straight line… like some other computerized measuring tape.
  • A product that utilizes an image to measure the absolute square feet of the surface region in the image.

Stanley Smart Measure Pro Review

The Process Part 1 – Laser Measurements

The process of utilizing an advanced measuring tape is straight forward-you put the bang of the device into the divider, you press the button, and the screen shows the distance.

Stanley’s advanced tape choice works in much the same way, however with a couple of contrasts. The fundamental contrast is the laser is continually estimating. Hence, as you move your telephone around, the distance changes. All things considered, it doesn’t influence a lot.

Different contrasts versus a standard computerized estimating tape are:

  • You can’t freeze the measurement on the screen.
  • Since you need to check out the screen to peruse the measurement you need to incline toward the divider, hold the telephone before your face, and afterward add about a foot to get the right distance.

Fortunately, for most inside painting, being inside a couple inches is above and beyond so don’t think about both of those difficulties a major issue.

Visiting with a customer while taking measurements Stanley Smart Measure Pro Review it somewhat more straightforward to fail to remember the number you just took a gander at (on the grounds that it’s not frozen on the screen), however do that incidentally in any case with my go-to advanced estimating device.

The Process Part 2 – Picture Based Measurements

The laser estimating some portion of the apparatus was satisfactory, yet didn’t actually add any Awesome past an ordinary advanced measuring tape so the subsequent element was the one was truly anticipating. As it was longing for having the option to return home from a discussion and email the measurement photographs to likely customers as my first development.

To set about attempting to check whether my fantasies would become reality.

As referenced before, you need to align the camera before you can take precise measurements. Whenever that is done you need to finish a couple of steps before you get your measurement.

  • Snap a photo of the principal divider you need to measure.
  • Drag a framework around the biggest square shape on the divider as an aide.
  • Drag a framework around the border of the divider to measure the distance.
  • Rehash the process for each and every other divider you really want to measure.

Presently that may not sound excessively troublesome, and it’s not really a hard errand, but rather attempting to arrange exact focuses while utilizing just your finger on a Stanley Smart Measure Pro Review 5 inch screen is certainly not a fast process.

The Results


It requires around two minutes to measure one divider after you snap the image. So estimating a solitary room takes around 10 minutes-without recording the numbers anyplace.

I’m certain the process would take significantly longer assuming that there was a tablet in my grasp and was attempting to carry on a discussion with at least one property holders.

The serious problem with utilizing this to measure insides is that in an arrived at the midpoint of size room you can’t move far enough away from the divider to measure the whole divider.


There was a little deterred subsequent to apportioning an inside and learning of the space constraint of the Smart Measure Pro; yet outside estimating is the place where it was truly expecting to expand the Awesome at any rate.

Estimating outsides is pretty much a similar process as laid out above. It’s dependent upon similar deficiencies as illustrated previously. There’s not much can add here, but rather in all actuality do like the way. That you can measure peak closes.

Like within measurements you need to move very far away to measure the entire surface. You can tell from these 2 pictures that your distance from the divider. Should be double the width of the divider you need to measure.

So, what is it good for then?

Subsequent to testing out the Stanley Smart Measure Pro Review. We see 2 fundamental jobs it can fill in my estimating armory.

A reinforcement advanced tape for inside measurements. The process of facing the divider to take the measurement causes me to feel somewhat silly. Due to that, it wouldn’t have any desire to involve it as my fundamental estimating instrument.

A go to for estimating peak closes or the area of surfaces. The outside measurement took of the front of that carport was inside. A foot of the real width of the structure.

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