Sony HTS100F Soundbar with Bluetooth Review

The Sony HTS100F Review is an OK sounding soundbar that needs a lot of bass. This 2.0 arrangement doesn’t have a committed and remote sub and it battles to create low bass frequencies. On the potential gain, it has an extremely clear and precise multiplication of voices. The bar can get pretty clearly, as well.

Sadly, it doesn’t uphold tallness channels and Atmos, meaning it won’t offer the most vivid experience, despite the fact that it has a consistently on encompass sound. Likewise, the soundstage isn’t extremely wide and even feels smaller than the actual bar. It additionally needs support for DTS, which is frustrating, and it doesn’t have any Full HDMI In inputs.

For a genuinely vivid interactive media experience, the sound quality is just as significant as video quality. Yet, the speakers you observe introduced inside most car battery in cold weather are about as disappointing as the speakers you’ll find on the rear of a PC screen.

For getting an extraordinary arrangement on your TV, that can be something to be thankful for. In any case, when it comes time to setting up a home theater, supplanting or enhancing those frail speakers ought to be your main goal.

Sony HTS100F Review is a thin yet strong 2-channel sound bar with coordinated tweeter and associates effectively to a TV with HDMI ARC. It conveys improved sound quality, including a Bass Reflex speaker for more profound sound and brings superior grade, room-filling sound with S-Force Pro Front Surround sound, with the capacity to play your cherished music by means of USB or Bluetooth.


To the extent that network goes, the Sony HTS100F Review is similarly flexible. You can interface through Bluetooth 4.2 one optical information, one HDMI ARC port, or one USB port. In the event that you will utilize the divider mountable plan, you’ll probably need to exploit the Bluetooth association too. This sound bar additionally incorporates a somewhat instinctive far off that allows you to change the volume from anyplace.

Tragically, NFC support is excluded, so you will not have any one-press network to your Bluetooth gadgets. However, the reality these are made by Sony allows you to have confidence that similarity issues and network issues will be rare.

Technical Specifications

Generally, specialized details aren’t something you need to give close consideration to for picking speakers. Assuming you’re an audiophile, there are a small bunch of special cases for that standard. However, generally, even somebody who sees all the specialized language will not ready to Sony HTS100F Review it to see how the unit being portrayed really sounds. Paying attention to a couple of speakers is generally your smartest choice, however perusing a small bunch of reviews is the following best thing.

Sony HTS100F Review

Sony S100F 2.0ch Sound Bar

The S-Force PRO is Sony’s endeavor to pack their unique sound quality into a generally reduced 2.0 sound bar framework. It utilizes an especially prolonged plan that is expected to sit straightforwardly before your TV, much the same as the focal speaker unit of a 5.1 sound framework. Sony HTS100F Review from not at all like a 5.1 sound framework, this sound bar has various specific sound drivers that guarantee it can give a balanced sound. Accordingly, this sound bar is basically the same for paying attention to music all things considered for TV.

Sound Profile

The most remarkable piece of this plan is the coordinated tweeter, which is a high pitch speaker explicitly made to create higher sound frequencies that are towards the maximum furthest reaches of human hearing. Without a tweeter, a significant number of those sounds can’t be made by mediocre sound gear. All in all, the distinction between this sound bar and your standard TV speakers is so impressive, you may in a real sense hear sounds that were not discernible on your earlier gear. At times, it very well may resemble watching your cherished film interestingly.

Moreover, the S-Force Pro uses what Sony calls Front Surround innovation, which is intended to assist. With copying an encompass sound encounter on a 2.0 channel framework. Despite the fact that there’s no evident substitute to encircle yourself with speakers. Front Surround gives a sensible solid deception of encompass sound. The cumbersome plan of this sound bar likewise permits it to contain. Its own bass reflex speaker, guaranteeing a full scope of profound tones.

Sony HTS100F Review

Build & Design

The Sony HTS100F Review utilizes a reduced plan that assists you with being space cognizant. At the center of that plan is a 35.5 x 1.5 x 3.5-inch fabricate, permitting this sound bar. To rest effectively pretty much anyplace. Without cabling, it weighs generally 5.3 pounds. To the extent that volume goes, the power result of the intensifier is 120-watts. Yet luckily you’re just taking a gander at 30-watts of force utilization under standard use.

Who Should Buy Sony’s HT-S100F?

Speakers are one of the longest-enduring parts in a home theater setup. Furthermore the Sony HTS100F Review is a shocking combination of value and worth. They give a full scope of tones that will help guarantee. All that you stand by listening to will sound extraordinary. These speakers similarly as frequently as you wind up involving them for your TV.

That settles on this sound bar an ideal decision for any individual who needs an excellent room-filling sound. Yet doesn’t have any desire to lose half of that room filling it with speakers. So, in the event that you’re searching for a sound bar, The HT-S100F is possible everything. You can manage short burning through $1,000 for a full speaker framework.

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