Riley Defense AK Review and AK 47 Accessories

I’ve been adequately lucky enough to fire a great deal of guns throughout the long term and I see how the buyer market can rush to reprimand a maker. It therefore takes a very long time for them to remake their standing, assuming they can by any stretch of the imagination. For instance, I recollect when Riley Defense AK Review were viewed as rubbish however with refinement, they ultimately turned into the most usually suggested section level AK. Nowadays, WASR-10s retail for about $1,000 leaving a void in the section level AK market.

For Riley Defense, the analysis began in 2018 when AK Operators Union started a progression of reviews highlighting the Riley Defense AK Review where it flopped breathtakingly at the 300-500 round count. The Riley AK saw prominent wear after AKOU’s incredible torment tests, the headspace moved and it was at this point not protected to fire.


Out of the case, the RAK-47 CL doesn’t actually support any awe-inspiring specs. It’s a section level AK design rifle with a stepped collector, 16.25″ 4150 nitride barrel, dark oxide finish and Suorin Shine Review flaunts a manufactured trunnion after Riley Defense was placed on impact for the weak cast trunnions in before models.

It in all actuality does anyway have a scored wellbeing selector that empowers you to hold the bolt and charging handle back. This is all the more normally an overhaul from Krebs Customs.

Out of the crate the Riley Defense AK Review incorporates a solitary 30-round polymer magazine. The C-L means “Exemplary Laminate” as it’s a barebones exemplary AK with overlay wood furniture which, honestly, is an extremely appealing brilliant red. Favoring that later.


Riley Defense AK Review

  • Overlay wood buttstock, upper and lower hand watchmen and plastic polymer hold.
  • Dark oxide finish
  • Completely Heat-Treated, Mil-spec stepped Receiver
  • 4150 Nitride Barrel (16.25″ length), 14×1 LH string
  • Manufactured Trunion, bolt and transporter
  • Machined scope mount side rail
  • Front and back sight (both movable)
  • Bolt hold open Safety Lever
  • Blade Lug
  • Cleaning Rod
  • Expanded magazine discharge
  • Magazine Capacity: 30
  • Self-loader shut manual action
  • Type: 7.62 x 39 mm
  • Range: 350 yds (viable), 1000 yds (Max)

How Did the Riley Defense AK Perform?

A couple of courageous individuals in the AK people group have come to guard the Riley Defense AK Review. The fashioned trunnion appears to fix the headspace issue and the overall agreement is that dependability has improved huge amounts at a time. I can authenticate this as I’ve put 2,000 rounds through it utilizing magazines from MagPul, XTS, and surprisingly surplus Korean and Croatian mags with zero disappointments.

While for the most part normal to AKs, the RAK-47 was amusingly over-gassed, sending off housings 20-30 yards away.

I’m not gigantic on exactness tests in my reviews except if you’re plunging profound into the long range shooting world. In actuality, most current guns will be much more precise than you are. This wasn’t my involvement in the RAK-47. A couple of months prior I reviewed the Zastava M70 ZPAP and included film slapping steel outlines at 277 yards with no issue utilizing irons. I attempted to reliably make contact with focuses at 200 yards with the RAK-47.

What You Should Buy Instead

Look I’m a sucker for the dark horse. I needed the Riley Defense AK Review to blow me away and I needed to praise. Its excitedly as the best passage level AK design rifle available. Yet, following eighteen months of utilization and north of 2,000 rounds through it. All actuality, the RAK-47 is punching great under its weight once. You think about the value comparative with its highlights.

I’m glad to contribute my experience to the development of the Riley Defense AK Review plan. I be really useful enhancements over the Gen 1 model of this rifle. Can’t suggest this rifle in with the best of intentions realizing there are far unrivaled. AK design rifles available at a superior price tag, or for a tiny bit of touch more cash.

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