Rarest CSGO Stickers of All Time

Stickers have been a staple of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive since 2014. Since then, these cosmetic upgrades have been the go-to mod of choice for players looking to add a little customized flair to their in-game weaponry. As stickers can only be used once, they’re a valuable commodity within the CSGO community. While stickers themselves are valuable, weapons that have been modified with them can also carry a significant markup when traded.

Understanding Stickers and Rarity

When it comes to CSGO stickers, there are five main rarities to look out for. The most commonly encountered type of sticker is the so-called ‘High Grade’ sticker. These are instantly recognizable by their blue appearance. Next up is the ‘Remarkable’ or so-called ‘Holo’ class of stickers. As with High Grade stickers, they’re easy to spot thanks to their signature purple color.

Rarer still is the ‘Exotic’ sticker class. Stickers that fall into this category are easy to determine thanks to their pink color and foil aesthetics. Now we’re moving into the ultra-rare sticker territory. There are two gold classes of stickers. The more common of the two is the ‘Souvenir Foil’ category, while the ‘Contraband’ class represents the rarest of them all.

You’ll also find variant sticker designs with each of these categories, while exclusive stickers are regularly released to commemorate special events and major CSGO tournaments. Below, we explore some of the rarest CSGO stickers of all time, as well as how much you can expect to make if you’re lucky enough to have one of them in your player inventory.

LGB Esports Holo Sticker (Katowice 2014)

This Holo sticker from the 2014 EMS Katowice tournament is one of the oldest stickers around but remains one of the most sought-after. Although LGB Esports may be a thing of the past, several members of the team roster have since gone on to great things with standout line-ups like Fnatic. As of 2022, an LGB Esports Holo sticker is likely to pocket upwards of $4,900.

Clan-Mystik Holo Sticker

Another classic sticker from the 2014 EMS tournament in Katowice, this Holo sticker is another treasured memento from one of the fiercest fought esports competitions in living memory. As with LGB Esports, Clan-Mystik has long since disbanded, but many famous faces from this legendary French team have gone on to greater things. Lucky enough to still have one of these Holo stickers in your possession? You shouldn’t struggle to pocket around $5,000 if you’re looking to trade.

Team Dignitas Holo Sticker (Katowice 2014)

Unlike other teams we’ve mentioned, Team Dignitas is still going strong. This 2014 Holo sticker released to celebrate the Danish team participating in the 2014 EMS championships is one of the most valuable around. Currently, one of these stickers can land you around $8,000 at most online marketplaces.

iBUYPOWER Holo Sticker (Katowice 2014)

Back in the day, North American team iBUYPOWER was considered one of the leading lights of professional esports. While the team may since have dispatched, this sticker from the 2014 EMS championships is still worth a small fortune. With an average asking price of more than $15,000, you’ll need a healthy bank balance to lock down one of these stickers. However, if you have the funds to spare, adding one of these to your inventory is a sensible investment that’s likely to yield big returns in the future.

Making Money from CSGO Stickers

You don’t have to be a pro-level player to make money from esports. In fact, simply having a few hard-to-find skins and stickers in your inventory can help set you up for life. In 2020, a skinned weapon outfitted with several iBUYPOWER 2014 Katowice stickers sold for a record $100,000. For many Counter-Strike players, these legendary stickers are simply too expensive to start investing in. However, you can aim for more realistic goals by purchasing stickers from recent tournaments.

Eager to discover the next sought-after sticker to add to your collection? If you can’t see CSGO live in person, tune in to one of countless live streams to discover the latest rollout of tournament stickers. Even if you’re paying a small premium, you’re almost guaranteed to see a healthy return on your investment in no time.


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