Minecraft Woodland Mansion Seeds 1.18 (June 2022)


Woodland Mansions are uncommon buildings in Minecraft. It may be a problem to search out them, as they solely generate in particular situations. We have explored a number of the finest seeds for Woodland Mansions and get screenshots to validate them! In case you try the seeds beneath, you will discover this scarcely generated Mansion close to your spawn, in addition to another useful areas!

The Shortlist

  • Java Seeds
    • Quad Metropolis: 70175743648240
    • King of Java: 1542201397407325465
    • Belief Fund Child and the Mansion Spawn: 1125899910921402
    • The Temple Hat: 150589112544105406
    • Third Mansion’s a Appeal: mansion
  • Bedrock Seeds
    • The Seven Mansions: -6040
    • King of Bedrock: 1663935988
    • The Not possible Mansion: -892884632
    • The Cliffside Mansion: -1834441039
    • The Riverside Mansion: -501260903

Java Seeds (1.18)

Quad Metropolis

Screenshot by Professional Sport Guides

There are 4 Mansions on this seed all inside 500 blocks of spawn. Discovering a mansion near spawn is a uncommon sufficient incidence. The probabilities of discovering multiple inside a pair hundred blocks appears practically unimaginable, and it solely will increase exponentially because the variety of mansions rises. This seed is one in 1,000,000 (and even one in a billion!), you would be amiss to not test it out!

  • Key Places
    • Mansion: -408 216
    • Mansion: -472 -504
    • Mansion: 136 -536
    • Mansion: 104 168

King of Java

Screenshot by Professional Sport Guides

Seed: 1542201397407325465

This seed is within the working for among the finest seeds we’ve got seen in 1.18. You begin the seed proper on prime of a mansion, however that is not the one factor that makes it nice. Withing 2500 blocks of spawn, you will discover each overworld construction and virtually each kind of biome. That is the proper seed for these gamers who wish to personal their very own mansion and have entry to every thing Minecraft has to supply. Seeds like this don’t come by usually. Do not forget to take a look at our King of Bedrock seed beneath to see its Bedrock counterpart!

  • Key Places
    • Woodland Mansion: Spawn
    • Village: -208 -272
    • Jungle Temple: 648 520
    • Desert Temple: 1032 824
    • Shipwreck: 408 -72

Belief Fund Child and the Mansion Spawn

Screenshot by Professional Sport Guides

Seed: 1125899910921402

It does not get simpler than beginning off wealthy. On this seed, you begin on prime of a Mansion! Drop into the world and have a complete mansion only for you—that’s, after you destroy the Illagers inside. In case you assume you’re down for the instant problem of clearing out a Woodland Mansion, you’ve got a complete protection system and everlasting base already constructed for you. This offers you a major increase out of the unfair world round you!

  • Key Places
    • Woodland Mansion: Spawn
    • Shipwreck: 40 -344
    • Buried Treasure: 41 -439
    • Buried Treasure: -215 -263
    • Ruined Portal: 136 248

The Temple Hat

Screenshot by Professional Sport Guides

Seed: 150589112544105406

For the primary time in our Minecraft seeds lists (and presumably the one time), we carry you a Mansion seed that has a Mansion with a Jungle Temple generated on prime of it. Jungle Mansions are uncommon sufficient, however to have two of the rarest buildings within the sport type one on prime of the opposite could also be a once-in-a-lifetime alternative. As an alternative of busting by way of the entrance door to assert the Mansion, you’ve got the choice to seize any loot you’ll be able to within the Jungle Temple on prime and use it that will help you declare this mega-rare advanced!

  • Key Places
    • Mansion w/ Jungle Temple Hat: 24 216
    • Shipwreck: 72 72
    • Village #1: 784 400
    • Village #2: 1184 720
    • Pillager Outpost: 1392 784

Third Mansion’s a Appeal

Seed: mansion

From spawn, there are three mansions inside 2000 blocks on this seed. Mansions are one of many rarest buildings in Minecraft (they’re much more uncommon than Strongholds), so to have three of them this near spawn is definitely a thrill. Do you assume you’ll be able to tackle all three with out dying?

  • Key Places
    • Mansion #2: -2392 -760
    • Mansion #3: 1800 -488
    • Village #1: 344 -376
    • Village #2: -216 -264

Bedrock Seeds (1.18)

The Seven Mansions

Screenshot by Professional Sport Guides

Whereas not one of the mansions are simply accessible from spawn, this seed options seven mansions lower than 6.5k blocks from spawn. Most seeds do not have multiple or two mansions inside 10k blocks, which makes this an ultra-rare alternative you do not wish to move up!

  • Key Places
    • Mansion: 1896 1816
    • Mansion: 1496 3096
    • Mansion: 1784 5320
    • Mansion: 5688 1576
    • Mansion: -3352 -792
    • Mansion: -3320 -1976
    • Mansion: -6136 -2040

King of Bedrock

Screenshot by Professional Sport Guides

Seed: 1663935988

In case you noticed the King of Java seed above, you will discover that this seed has virtually all the identical traits that make it nice. The one exception is that you do not spawn subsequent to a Mansion. However, there’s a Woodland Mansion is a mere ~500 blocks away from spawn. Once you settle there, you will discover that this seed is likely to be within the working for one among your everlasting houses. Inside 2k blocks of spawn, you will discover virtually each overworld biome and each overworld construction (besides Igloos). Did we point out that not too distant from the Mansion is a Village immediately above a Stronghold?

  • Key Places
    • Woodland Mansion: 264 616
    • Pillager Outpost: -792 504
    • Village: -936 760
    • Village/Stronghold: 824 1320
    • Ocean Monument: 1256 152

The Not possible Mansion

Screenshot by Professional Sport Guides

Seed: -892884632

In case you’re searching for a powerful begin to your survival expertise and need some fascinating wonders in your world, that is the proper seed for you. You begin inside 400 blocks of two Villages in a pleasant inexperienced space with loads of water, sources, and particular factors of curiosity throughout. In case you comply with the close by River to the southeast of Spawn, you’ll shortly discover the tallest Woodland Mansion you will see in 1.18. There’s an excessive amount of on this map to move it up to your subsequent PE world.

  • Key Places
    • Mansion: 600 328
    • Ruined Portal: 152 40
    • Shipwreck: -376 -328
    • Shipwreck: -520 -120
    • Village: -360 216

The Cliffside Mansion

Screenshot by Professional Sport Guides

Seed: -1834441039

Take pleasure in one other stunning view from a well-protected Woodland Mansion on this instance of how unusual the 1.18 world era mechanics may be. This Mansion generated on the base of a cliff and a major chunk of it’s constructed into it. When you liberate the Mansion from Illager management, you’ve got a big base that you simply solely want to guard on one facet!

  • Key Places
    • Shipwreck #1: 24 -184
    • Shipwreck #2: -152 -184
    • Village: 88 -840
    • Nether Portal: -600 -360
    • Cliff Mansion: -856 -584

Riverside Mansion

Seed: -501260903

If you wish to make a Woodland Mansion your property, that is one of the best one to do it. You spawn at 0 0, and should solely make a brief hike to search out the closest Mansion, which overlooks large river resulting in a lake. You may inform that whoever constructed this mountain appreciated the fantastic thing about nature.

  • Key Places
    • Mansion: 137 -788
    • Nether Portal: 24 -472
    • Village: 776 200
    • Buried Treasure: 8 -184
    • Buried Treasure: -120 -168

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